Monday, July 15, 2013

Bad news on Kellett situation

Breaking news: Mary Kellett free to practice law
by Robert O'Hara

(Washington D.C. July 15th, 2013)

Justice Ellen Gorman has allowed corrupt Assistant District Attorney walk with a slap on the wrist.

Just after 10:00am today the disciplinary hearing for Mary Kellett, Assistant District Attorney for Maine’s 7th prosecutorial district, was held in Portland concerning her mishandling of the Vladek Filler case. For those new to the case, Ligia Filler falsely accused her husband Vladek Filler of domestic violence and spousal rape. Kellett in her role as Assistant District attorney withheld exculpatory evidence and made misleading statements to the jury in her closing remarks, leading to Vladek Filler’s conviction. The hearing was brief and followed a closed door meeting involving Kellett’s attorneys and representatives from the Overseers of the Bar. A plea bargain was submitted to Justice Ellen Gorman, presiding, who suspended Kellett and then promptly suspended her suspension resulting in Kellett facing no consequences for her gross misconduct during the Filler trial. She is still free to practice law and still acting as Assistant DA.

Kellett made a statement of apology before the judgment was handed down saying that she “went too far” and that it “wouldn’t happen again.” After her apology Filler was given fifteen minutes to speak. AVFM’s acting correpsondants said he was very emotional when he spoke as he told the court how Kellett’s actions have permanently damaged his life and that of his children’s. After the judgment was handed down Kellett exited through a back door leaving our correspondents and reporters from other news sources including Channel 2 News WLBZ from Bangor with no comment.

Acting AVfM Correspondents Scott Soly, Sean Campbell and Chris Caldwell conducted a video interview with Vladek Filler. This will be available later this evening along with other details.

Editorial note:
The entire staff at AVFM and many others to numerous to mention here extend their thanks to Scott Soly, Sean Campbell and Chris Caldwell who all heard the call to attend this hearing. These men did this on their own time and this was the very first time all of them had engaged in any activism of this kind. By each of them taking initiative they have sent a message that we are all watching. Please join us in thanking them in the comments below.

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That is fucking bullshit. What a fucking whitewash. The people of the State of Maine,especially the men,are screwed. What we have here is women protecting women. The sisterhood comes first. The men of Maine? Not among the top 10 concerns of the sisterhood. This is a sad day for the men of Maine,they're lives can be reduced to shambles if rouge prosecutors like Kellett can get away and apparently they can and not have to worry about any accountability. Now Kellett is more dangerous than before because she is protected.