Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spearhead smears real activists

I was at the Spearhead reading an article entitled: Something is in the air,it started out well but then went downhill but the following is completely out of line:

Although I understand that Razz might put his job at risk if he revealed his identity, he’s doing so anyway. If he’s discovered, after all, then the effect will be the same. And because he won’t own up to his campaign, people will be under the impression that he knows he’s doing something wrong. It would be better, I think, to face the chief of police and ask whether men are any more likely to rape women than women are to lie to authorities. But to get back on subject, it does seem that there truly is a growing national interest in “MRA” or men’s issues. Maybe the work I and others have put in is starting to pay off. The activism some are engaging in might be catching people’s attention.

It's catching on because those of us who actually do activism are the ones making those in office and society in general know about our concerns and that our concerns are valid. Without us you guys would be were you were in the '90's. I couldn't believe Price has the audacity to ride on our coattails. If Price were a fellow activist I would have no problem with his article but he's not. If he were he would have published this but he didn't. If he claims it was similair to Auntie Pheminizem's comment and that is why then why did not publish it then why did Auntie Pheminizem receive some many thumbs down if he were off base? If Auntie Pheminizem were wrong then why no rebuttals? Bitching on a blog alone accomplishes nothing.

Razz,like myself,would face persecution if we revealed our true identities. Feminists have vowed to shut me up anyway they can. I'm not going to make it easy for them. Canada murdered Earl Silverman so I can imagine Razz doesn't want to be next. Also MRA's have face active persecution in Canada. Some have been jailed. Not only that but Canadian feminists are exceptionally psycho. We've seen the videos on A Voice For Men we know they are true.

In fact I even asked them what activism have they engaged in. Not only was the question not answered all I got was 14 thumbs down votes. There are talkers and there are doers and I'm a doer is getting tired of these talkers. Real tired of them.

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