Saturday, July 13, 2013

On Julia Gillard

I was reading on A Voice For Men this article by Jim Muldoon and found it excellent. There are some things I wanted to touch on:

This shame is because Abbott stood beside a sign saying “Ditch the Witch”; Alan Jones, a radio presenter, questioned Gillard’s sanity; sexist comments from soccer coach Hosiek; A sex scandal in the Army, with the absolute certainty that there is a possibility that some soldiers may get charged with something.

Yeah,if you take a risk of getting killed defending an ungrateful nation then you should have a lifestyle devoid of fun. It's not like you're a civilian with a boring job who needs to liven things up. You're not a woman who leeching off the system with a bullshit title like "gender equality minister" and all that. You have the fun of getting shot at.

Gillard’s time in office was supposed to be a “golden era for Australian women.” Why? Says who? Says Gemmell. But what Gemmell really wanted was a golden era for Gillard personally.

What they got was the golden shower for Australian men and boys.

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