Monday, July 29, 2013

Contribute to keep Hillary out of the Whitehouse

From Stop Hillary PAC:

Hillary Clinton and her political team have taken notice - and they feel threatened.

Just look at the email I received below - written moments after the release of our hard-hitting Stop Hillary video. Hillary's team is using the success of our new video to launch a counter offensive and ramp up their organizing efforts.

Will you help me fight back?

The movement to stop Hillary is off to a great start - but I need your immediate help today.

You see, Stop Hillary PAC is just three days away from the end of the month where we face a critical fundraising deadline.

Will you help me send a loud and clear message to Hillary by making an urgent end of the month contribution of $25, $50 or even $100 to fight back?

Fundraising deadlines are critical benchmarks to show the left-wing media and Hillary herself that Stop Hillary has the momentum and backing to fight toe-to-toe with Hillary and ultimately ensure she NEVER becomes president of the United States.

Please, before you put this email down... click here and make an urgent contribution in the final three days before our fundraising deadline.

For America,

Senator Ted Harvey (R)

Contribute to keep Hillary out of the Whitehouse

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