Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Big tent...perhaps too big

It been said that the MRA community is a diverse group from the religious (whatever that religion would be),secular,misogynists,anti-misogynists,conservatives,liberals,moderates and militants. We've even seen an influx of women (whom we should be suspicious of) coming into the movement as well but why is this? I think brother Khank has the answer:

Khankrumthebulgar said:

Feminists openly acknowledge that Women are bailing on them.

March 09, 2007 11:09 AM

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And not just women:

Anonymous said:

Eternal Batchelor, I am a MRA and proud of it - I hate feminism a hell of a lot. However, I am also bisexual [and midly transgendered] and I'm slightly worried about these homophobic elements that have been creeping into some MRA blogs recently.

4:00 AM

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Okay,so we can add gay,straight,bi and "transgendered" to the list.Will any of these people be able to form an cohesive unit to fight feminism effectively? I doubt it since things are too diverse. Diversity may be nice...but not in all cases.

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Anonymous said...

We should definitely try to get gay men on our side. Homosexuality is a men's right, just as much as anything. Those who say that real men don't have sex with other men are just sustaining paternalist stereotypes. (It's not for everybody, of course!)

Right now, gays automatically align with feminists, because they feel threatened by the bible-thumpers. We should reach out and show them that we support the rights of ALL men-- and so should they.