Thursday, March 22, 2007

Double Standardism

There is in our society a double standardism in which women get preferential treatment over men. There lies the misconceptions in society of the "powerful man" and the "helpless little woman". These misconceptions have permeated every sphere of our society; from the legislatures to the courts (family,criminal and civil)to law enforcement to the media to how we interact with each other in everyday life. We call this "chivilary" and FORCIBLY brainwash men with it while telling women to be "indepedent" and to practice male bashing. However,when women practice male bashing why should men be chivilarous?

They apparently thought of that because that is probably why they came up with VAWA 2,which allocates no money for men or children and requires a man to listen listen to his partner's abuse or else he violates this law and gets locked up as a "criminal". Most likely he receives more time than a woman who killed her husband and/or children. VAWA 2 is unconstitutional as it violates the 14th amemdment to the U.S. Constitution but it seems as though our lawmakers don't want to hear that in fact Sen. Joseph Biden made sure MRA's didn't testify when this monstosity was jammed through congress thus making Biden a big time mangina. Biden is so much of a mangina that MRA's have placed billboards on Biden's train route informing him of the plight of men and he still ignores our message.

The feminists use this double standard to their advantage to coerce men into doing what they want and chances are it's to coerce other men by whatever means they can. By standing up this cowshit can we hope to eliminate it. The real men will be the resistors as chivilary in this day and time is safe hiding place for manginas,cowards and other scondrels.

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Anonymous said...

VAWA is legally sanctioned hate speech, written by racist feminist Joe "McCarthy" Biden.