Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shelf life

I've noticed that the shelf life for women is a lot different from that of men. Women tend to ripen at an earlier age but then again their beauty fades at an earlier age as well. To give some examples I've heard women in their 20's gush over older guys such as Tom Jones,Neil Diamond,Clint Eastwood and Harry Belefonte. I have yet to hear a guy say that Cloris Leechmen or Joan Rivers is hot. I saw Jane Seymour on tv the other day,man have her looks taken a dump as have Paula Abdul's. Paula Abdul recently tried to auction herself off on a date via the internet. There were no takers. If the internet had been around for mass consumption back in the '80's things might have been different for Abdul but then again she still had her looks and probably wouldn't have bothered with us internet geeks and instead would party with the bad boys during their most attractive years and when their looks fade they look for suckers nice guys who will take them in,along with any children and baggage they may have.

Men on the other hand,well we may take a little longer to mature physically but we shine for longer periods of time as the above examples show. Sure you may be unattractive to women now if you are a young man but as you mature you will see that you have the longer shelf life not the women so yes you may despair now but you will succeed later in life while women at that same age will not be so glamourous anymore. Think about it as that cheerleader who turned you down in high school now has her looks go to hell. Think about it and smile because you have a longer shelf life.

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Youngbuck said...

Indeed. The shelf life for women comes quickly. I see girls I went to high school look like they got hit by a freight train. Wrinkles around their eyes, fat, 3 bastard kids. Boy, do I love my life.