Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Matriarchy: not male friendly

Matriarchial spokeswoman says men have nothing to fear from the matriarchy

The lies:

Ms. Steele is a rising star and headed for prominence in the new era. Despite her occasionally combative demeanor, she truly wants what's best for you. A little respect now could pay large dividends to you later.

We all want what's best for you, but Robin is one of the strongest advocates of tolerance and balanced rights for men, even with the personal attacks you've made on her.

Think back to elementary school for a moment.
Who were the best pupils?
The smartest students?
The most responsible?
Who sat in the front of the class and paid attention?
Which students did the neatest homework, completed assignments on time and were busy learning while you were rolling around in the dirt on the playground or shooting spitballs?
Are the students you're thinking of girls, by any chance? Of course they are.

Did you ever wonder why the best and brightest of your generation weren't the ones, then, to hold the top positions in government & business? To make the important decisions? To direct the less capable instead of the other way around?
Is it any wonder the country is in such disarray?
Well, relax. Don't fret. That will be corrected shortly. We'll soon be fulfilling our potential - as a nation and as a people.

We are entering, together, a Golden Age, the new Femocracy, in which a woman president and women executives will assume the leadership roles in government and business. There is no rational reason for men to feel threatened, as we are one people. Both men and women are biologically necessary for survival as a species. What is best for our species, and our nation, is best for men as well.

It is not a matter of fault but we are an ecosystem that has been out of balance. While we are in a precarious and urgent situation, is not to late for our new regime to mitigate the damage that has been done through war, greed, hate and stupidity... the natural result of having the playground bullies in charge rather than the A students.

The Femocracy will bring on a golden age of justice, tolerance and logic for ALL citizens, both the leaders in power and their subjects alike. That being said, a little respect at this point could be a wise investment in your future.

Strength & Unity Forever,

Athena Y

November 14, 2007 4:37 AM

The truth:

The head organizer of the New Zealand MRA bothering campaign has been giving notice at his apartment/flat in New Zealand. The reasons for this seems to be non-financial for he has not miss a payment for years (barring a bank mistake in the distant past).

He says he was given a notice that laid blame for this eviction for his work at Hands on Equal Parenting and it bothering campaign against the worst judges in New Zealand for separating fathers and kids at the behest of those in power. Is this Prime Minster Helen Clark's string pulling at work, or the work of one of her emotional socialist followers actions in support of her government?

It seems the trust or co-op that runs the complex is aggressively applying is powers for political purposes. It seems that acting in political discord is now a home removing offence in the feminist run government of Helen Clark. This is the same government that has shut down several blogs trying to report on New Zealand Child Services abuses.

Honourable people working at the CYFS department who feel they have no other recourse in dealing with abuse beginning dished out by the department, for management is not interested in stopping it, have been reporting their inside stories to the public. The agenda of the feminist government in arbitrarily removing children from happy homes on the whim of politically correct interventionists, who do not like to be confronted on their practices by the families involved, the public, and even from quarters within their own department is very telling.

The question we must face is this our future? Feminism it could be argued arrived first in New Zealand and is now leading the way again with limits on men leaving the country and the taking of passports and much more. With this eviction notice and the odd parking tickets directed at one of the heads of MRAs in NZ the temperature for men in New Zealand and else where may mean a begrudging acceptance that our radicals were right in arguing that Western States refusal to reform themselves without more extreme measures is a given.
This must be very worrying to the Helengrad government, as the women to men ratio gets widens as men get out before its not allowed (usually to Australia).

It is time to keep a close eye on the next step of the Helengrad Clark government and make sure internationally we know about her government practices for they may be used by others.

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Anonymous said...

I know lets have a Revolution and Robin Steele can Lead it!! She is the most revolting!!

Anonymous said...

At least now their true agenda is coming to light. Feminists never were concerned with "equality", whatever that nebulous term means. They have ALWAYS wanted subservient men to rule over. They want freedom replaced by security, especially for themselves. They want to censor. While claiming to be opposed to "hate" and "violence", they want their male proxies - the police-to do it for them. MRA's advocating violence simply play into their hands and WILL end up being targets. However, passive resistance such as "work to rule"; ensuring feminists live up to their equality and going on a dating/mating strike is something that CANNOT be countered.