Thursday, November 1, 2007

New adversary

It seems as though I have a new adversary in Robin Steele. Let's see what she says about me:

The oh-so erudite and eloquent eMasculated Cretins over at Men's Rights Blog took exception to my "outing" their latent homosexuality (which was already "out" to anyone who had taken a college-level Intro to Psych course, which is why none of them realized it, I guess). One of the more advanced (i.e. with opposable thumbs & potty trained) of the eMasculists (boldly putting forth his views under the name "anonymous") posted this reaction (in the quaint vernacular of his people) to the Woman of Steele blog:

Anonymous said...
Robin, if FredX or Duncan were still around then they'd
have made examples of you and a ton of other mras would have (rightly) been on
your ass. Masculist Man is a newer, but by no means lesser, mra who Im sure will
tear you a new asshole when he reads the kind of nastiness you said about him,
plus that kid who only wanted some help. Shame on you, you fucking asshole.

Deciphering this primitive language, I feel a bit like Margaret Meade. Here are my journal notes from my encounter with the savages:

...FredX or Duncan were still around...

Who are FredX and Duncan? The older men who taught eMasculated Man when he was just eFfeminate Boy? Where did they go? San Francisco? Bangcock? The aids clinic?

Masculist Man is a newer, but by no means lesser, mra who Im sure will tear you a new asshole...

Note to self: what's an mra? Men Reaming Assholes? Mostly Retarded Asshats? My Rectal Adventure? I'm sure Mr. eMas knows how to tear new assholes, having broken in lots of newbies like anonymous....

...that kid who only wanted some help...

I'm sure eMasculist was happy to give him a hand. Or both. I'm sure he doesn't just pay lip service to helping the nubile newbies.

...fucking asshole

That would be your area of expertise.

This has to be one stupid cunt because she wants to fuck with me. You were warned,Robin and you still want to come back. It's like Luke told you I've been an MRA (Men's Rights Activist) or masculist going on 15 years. So now you know what an MRA is just as we know what a femicunt is and if you want to find the nearest one look in the mirror unless you are looking at one of your sisters,either way it's not a pretty sight. I've noticed Robin's blog is new and that is either due to the fact she is on the rag or she lost her modelling job at Fat and Ugly magazine or both. Robin is very bitter toward men because her last boyfriend left her due to her incessant threats to have sex with him and one night he saw a chance to get his freedom and he took it and no one can really blame him and I trust he is living a nice life in the witness relocation program. Ever since then she has gone through a ton of vibrators and has vibrator repair on speed dial. A lot of vibrator and dildo manufactures will void their warrantees in Robin's case because she exceeds normal usage,unfortunately so does Robin's mouth and if the guy doesn't stick something in real quick he isn't going to like what comes out and that is why Robin is suffering stupidity and she is making sure the rest of us suffer too.


Anonymous said...

Go Masc!!! That fucking feminazi bitch just got owned. Masculist Man, you deserve a pat on the back man and you got my respect, just like Fred, Duncan, Rob Fedders and Harry, YOU Masculist Man are up there with the best of them. I see she tried to make fun of mras past and present but it didnt work and you just tore her a new asshole. Lets see if if the bitch comes back or not.

Anonymous said...

Masculist Man, is there a way you can make the image with sword move about like it does on Chris' Keys forum? It sends out a more powerful message of activity in my opinion, what do you think? Would you consider this?

Thanks, anon.

Masculist Man said...

Anon #2: I don't know how to make it animated on this board but it would be nice.

Bob said...

Ms. Steele is taking a poll on whether or not Blogspot should delete The World According to Bob If you go to Ms. Steelroid's blog you can vote against her. At this writing the "NO" vote is ahead. I'm sure Ms. Steelroid will not like that. She'll probably take down the poll.

Anonymous said...

"Masculist Man, you deserve a pat on the back man and you got my respect, just like Fred, Duncan, Rob Fedders and Harry, YOU Masculist Man are up there with the best of them." I've given up more than any of these dinosaurs and im sick of getting no respect.

go fuck yourself puke skywalker. and by the way i lied. your music SUXXXXXX!

Death To women's Rights.
Death to Mangina's like you
Viva Men's Liberties.

Robin Steele said...

I have offered up this prayer for bloggers Mikeeusa, Bob Allen, Masculist Man, and of you whose hearts have filled with hate, and whom Satan has filled with feelings of impotence, hopelessness, pain and rage, that they may open their fortress of despair and be saved by the Prince of Peace, from whom all blessings flow. Peace be with you. Robin Steele

Anonymous said...

In the Name of Jesus Christ, may God bless you, Robin Steele.

Bob said...

Ms. Stalin's so-called "Prayer for Peace" is belied by her ongoing hate attacks on men. If she had any notion of actual peace she would take down her anti-men hate web site.

Stalin is just another feminazi who's version of "Peace" is like that of Hitlar. Peace is when the others lie down quietly to be destroyed. Stalin continues her evil hate blog while asking for "peace" from those who are being attacked.

Instead of a religious blessing, a .30 caliber blessing would be more appropriate. She would have permanent peace.

[Notice; All of Bob's comments are rhetroical only. Bob does not advocate any illegal acts.]