Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today America,tomorrow the world

Sen. Joseph Biden D-DE

Sen. Richard Lugar R-IN

Larry Cox,president of Amnesty International USA

Esta Soler,President of the Family Violence Prevention Fund

George Rupp,President of the International Rescue Committee

No photo found for Ritu Sharma Fox, Co-Founder and President of the Women's Edge Coalition

Washington, DC –Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Joseph R. Biden, Jr.(D-DE) and Ranking Member Richard Lugar (R-IN) introduced the International Violence Against Women Act, groundbreaking legislation which will, for the first time, integrate the United States’ efforts to end gender-based violence into U.S. foreign assistance programs.

“From the trafficking of women in Eastern Europe, to “honor” killings in Jordan, to rape as a brutal weapon of war in Darfur and the Congo, violence against women is everywhere. It’s a devastating and persistent truth in every country, in every community, and across every social demographic,” said Sen. Biden.

“It is essential for the United States to work with non-governmental organizations and like-minded countries to end domestic violence. No woman, regardless of her income or education level, should live in fear or be made to believe that physical or emotional abuse is acceptable,” said Sen. Lugar.

One in three women worldwide will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime, and in some countries, that’s true for 70 percent of women. Every day around the globe, women and girls face domestic violence, rape, forced or child marriage, so-called “honor” killings,dowry-related murder, human trafficking, and female genital mutilation. The United Nations estimates that at least 5,000 “honor” killings take place each year around the world and more than 130,000,000 girls and young women worldwide have been subjected to genital mutilation. A 2006 United Nations Report found that at least 102 member states had no specific laws on domestic violence.

“The International Violence Against Women Act marshals together, for the first time,
coordinated American resources and leadership to address this global issue. I believe the time is now for the United States to get actively engaged in the fight for women’s lives and girls’ futures, and we must begin by preventing and responding to the violence they face,” added Sen. Biden.

“We cannot expect to reduce poverty and decrease the spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS until we have more equitable treatment of women in developing countries. Empowered and educated women are the key to breaking these cycles,” said Sen. Lugar.
Not surprisingly, violence against women and girls has a significant impact on the health and development of countries worldwide. Violence breeds poverty. It impedes economic development because it can prevent girls from going to school, or stop women from holding jobs or inheriting property, or shut down access to critical health care for themselves and their children. Efforts to wipe out AIDS and other diseases are compromised when women are beaten for telling their husbands they are infected. Girls are less likely to attend school when they fear being raped by their teachers.

“We’ve made tremendous progress in reducing violence against women here in the United States since we passed the Violence Against Women Act in 1994, but we cannot ignore women in other parts of the world – women whose lives are devastated by poverty, political and civic exclusion, disease, and violence. We cannot empower women to become active in civic life and promote peace, prosperity and democracy unless they personally are free from fear of violence. Taking an active stand against global violence against women isn’t just moral,it’s smart foreign policy,” added Sen. Biden.

The International Violence Against Women Act has three main components. Specifically, the legislation:

Creates one central Office for Women’s Global Initiatives to coordinate the United States’ policies, programs and resources that deal with women’s issues. Never before has there been one person who reports directly to the Secretary of State on issues related to gender-based violence. Mandates a 5-year comprehensive strategy to fight violence against women in 10 to 20 selected countries and provides a new, dedicated funding stream of $175 million a year to support programs dealing with violence against women in five areas: the criminal and civil justice system, healthcare, girls’ access to education and school safety, women’s economic empowerment, and public awareness campaigns.

Requires training, reporting mechanisms and a system for dealing with women and girls afflicted by violence during humanitarian, conflict and post-conflict operations. As the recent reports from the Congo make tragically clear, in situations of humanitarian crises,conflict and post-conflict operations, women and girls are particularly vulnerable to violence. Reports of refugee women being raped while collecting firewood, soldiers sexually abusing girls in exchange for token food items, or women subjected to unimaginable brutality and torture as a tactic of war are shocking in number and inhumanity. There is a dire need for increased training and reporting requirements for refugee workers to help crack down on
these brutal acts of violence. In addition, the bill crafts a new designation of “critical outbreaks” and requires emergency measures when rape is used as a weapon of war or in conflicts where violence against women is sharply escalating with impunity. “This strategy will be our government’s blueprint on how to wisely tackle violence against women and girls,” said Sen. Biden. “There were more than 27,000 reported rapes in just one province in the Congo last year. This legislation will give the State Department more tools to protect and treat women brutally attacked in this conflict.”

The International Violence Against Women Act was crafted with the input and expertise of over 100 nongovernmental organizations here and abroad working on gender-based violence,human rights, health care, international development and aid. These groups include Amnesty International, CARE, Center for Women’s Global Leadership, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Family Violence Prevention Fund, Human Rights Watch, Inter-Agency Gender Working Group (IGWG), International Rescue Committee Jewish Women International,Legal Momentum, Lutheran World Relief, Women’s Edge Coalition, and Vital Voices Global Partnership.

“Violence devastates the lives of millions of women and girls and their families worldwide,” said Larry Cox, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA. “We have seen the terrible consequences of mass rapes in Bosnia, the Congo and elsewhere. We grieve with the mothers in Ju├írez whose daughters are victims of an ongoing femicide. Violence against women,whether in the home or in armed conflict, destabilizes communities, undermines economic development and breeds poverty and despair.”

“We express tremendous praise and gratitude to Senators Biden and Lugar for their
outstanding leadership to address violence against women internationally,” Mr. Cox
continued. “Until now we have seen only sporadic efforts to stop violence in one or more countries. The problem is too widespread and deeply rooted for a scattershot approach. We need a consistent vision to stop violence. This bill sends that message.”

“It’s time for our nation to do much more to protect women and children worldwide," said Esta Soler, President of the Family Violence Prevention Fund. We commend Senator Biden for his 15 years of leadership in ending violence against women and children in the U.S. and abroad. We intend to put the same energy and resources into enacting the I-VAWA that we put into the (domestic) Violence Against Women Act.”

“Working in conflict zones worldwide, we know firsthand that violence against women and girls devastates both the individual and her community,” said George Rupp, President of the International Rescue Committee. “We believe firmly that women and girls have the right to lives that are free of sexual and physical abuse, and this legislation can help make that a reality. The International Rescue Committee applauds Senators Biden and Lugar for introducing this important legislation.”

“Violence is one of the biggest barriers to women's economic participation. It's hard to work if you are fearing for your life," said Ritu Sharma Fox, Co-Founder and President of the Women's Edge Coalition. “The I-VAWA will ensure that our hard-earned tax dollars are supporting efforts to end this scourge, and that violence does not prevent women from going to work, getting an education and supporting their families.”

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Anonymous said...

Masculist Man; are you the official leader of the mrm? I read a thread at antimisandry and Angryharry did not know who you were, and Luke said he should have. It is a thread called ''angry harry answers questions''.

One of the members said you were to be distanced from and I think Robin Steele posted a question to Angryharry saying you and Bob were extremists.

Also, can you make a Marc Lepine post explaining your thoughts and analysis on his revenge against the feminazis in canada? I want to see more of YOUR posts instead of copy and pasting articles, because me and my friends from college look forward to reading you during our lunch hour and think you are a living legend.

Anonymous said...

False accusations for everyone! America bestows the gift of hysteria-driven injustice on the entire world.

Ann said...

The United Nations estimates that at least 5,000 “honor” killings take place each year around the world and more than 130,000,000 girls and young women worldwide have been subjected to genital mutilation. A 2006 United Nations Report found that at least 102 member states had no specific laws on domestic violence.

Bob said...

Note to Ann:

First: The UN is very biased in all their statistics. It was revealed this week that the HIV/AIDS statistics they have been publishing from Africa for 10 years were completely bogus. Their estimate of "honor killings" are motivated by sexist hate and are equally bogus.

Second: 5,000 is no where near enough even for the USA.

Third: There are around 100,000,000 AMERICAN MEN and boys who have been subject to genital mutilation. Sexual mutilation of little boys in the USA outnumbers all other violent crimes against children and all other violent sex crimes combined. Evil feminist mothers continue to do extreme sexual violence against boys in the US.

Fourth: Worldwide, there are about 5 times as many men and boys than women and girls who have been subjected to genital mutilation. Ignoring the many to focus on the few is evil sexist hate.

Fifth: By “domestic violence” you mean anti-men hate laws. Again the UN is promoting anti-men hate rather than anti-violence. Your misandrist sexism is very offensive to decent people.

Luke Skywalker said...

Guys, I've been meaning to say this for a long time, but I didn't.

Emasculist is Robin Steele in disguise. Don't listen to anything emasculist says.

Anonymous said...

Masculist Man wrote a post entitled "Today America,tomarrow [sic] the world."

It would figure that the leader of the MRM would be a member of the Illiteracy Party.

Athena X

btw I'm supposedly Robin Steele too.

Masculist Man said...

Marc Lepine's situation was of a man with no legal recourse against state-sponsered discrimination. He couldn't sue because the government was against him and left him powerless and left him no recourse so he fought back the only way he could. The only way a disenfranchised man could act with a state that left him nothing in favor of a gender that has done little to earn their status but being born with a cunt between their legs.

Masculist Man said...

You know,Ann genital mutilation is practiced against newborn males in American hospitals,it is called "circumcision" and it is sanction by people just as yourself that condemn female genital mutilation and circumsion goes on every day without a peep from non-MRA's. I think of the thousands upon thousands of BOYS forced into being soldiers and a lot of them dying at early ages and the UN doesn't give a fuck about them either.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could do a post titled "Today America, tomarrow I'll learn to spell." It could be about the feminist plot in the publick skools to drug boys and make them iliderate like you so they will have to keep minial jobs while feminists keep all the power.

I think you shood have luke read your posts for speling so you donht look like a dum shit ape and get shit on by asswipes like angry harry whose blog is a piece of shit compared to yours. he doesn't have a aminated guy whith a sword that really realy moves up and down like you due!

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Anonymous said...

Anonymuff said:

"Perhaps you could do a post titled "Today America, tomarrow I'll learn to spell."
(rest of diarrhea snipped)


Learn death, you fucked up cunt waste of space.

MikeeUSA said...

Check it out, ChrisKey, is a true supporter of women's rights (and he has also removed my posting privleges from his forum, labeling me a troll... should I take action against his forum for this banning?):

What are your thoughts?:,2904.msg15243/topicseen.html#msg15243

I think it's more because most MRAs are for equality and are opposed to Men ruling over females.

ChrisKey Says:
MRA's are unsupportive of your ideological stance because it is impractical and draconic.

The application of your ideological stance would cause a large amount of societal problems that could endanger the species' survival. Under your system it would be legal for men to rape adolescent females, and, legally bind the girls into marrying the deviants who raped them. The relationship between the adolescent females and their rapist husbands would be as loveless as the situation between an obnoxious employer who works his/her employees into the ground.

Your system would lead to children being raised under a loveless atmosphere, and as a result, there's a good chance they'll end up being as unemotional and cruel as the Muslim savages. The boys will become lazy like the Muslim-savages. It would lead to Humanity reverting its civilisations to a state of primitiveness. Hypothetically, it could lead to the species' extinction, as it will inhibit Humans' ability to defend themselves from disease, and it will most definitely halt any NASA's progress in the field of defending the Earth against Near Earth Objects (NEO).

The Muslim-savages oppress their women and they live a primitive lifestyle. Therefore, what makes you think your "world" would be any better than theirs?


Now my response, if I could post it (maybe you could) would be:
Other then them attacking us, I have no problem with the muslims. If I had to choose between destroying sweeden and destroying saudi arabia I would destroy sweeden: both the people of sweeden and saudi arabia dislike americans as a rule, but the people of saudi arabia are less pro-women's rights then the people of sweeden.

To say that muslims have loveless marraiges is a lie and is projection of your worthless english culture onto other cultures which are superior to your own (yes, muslims culture is superior to your english culture; yes your pro-women's rights culture is THAT worthless). It's funny and retarded that you assert that if anyone was similar to what you believe the muslims are like that they would breed themselves out of existance: It is europe, england, and anyone who is sufficently pro-women's rights that have the rapidly falling birthrates and will cease to exist soon... not muslims or anyone else who is atleast a bit against women's rights (and the muslims really aren't that anti-women's rights... the Bible surpasses them by far on that count).

As for love. Every marraige between equals is a loveless marraige. For women love is submission to a husband/"bad"boyfriend/master/boss/etc. A marraige where the man is the power is full of happiness for the man. Arranged marrariages have worked well for thousands of years, new equality based marraiges continually have fallen apart for about 100 years. The marraige of a girl to the Man that raped her as deuternonmy demands would be more tranquil then the equality based marraiges that you wish to continue to foist upon all men: in the Bible's version of marraige in this case the girl would know who the power in the marriage is from the get go.

ChrisKey: you are a supporter of women's rights and basically just want more of the same for Men, you just want to tone the hate down slightly so that women's rights can continue to survive rather then being destroyed completely as it will be if it continues full steam ahead (if God wills it to be destroyed). You have even supported elf princess in her attempt to have me arrested via use of the FBI (and have allowed her to stay on your board while partially banning me).

Chris: you offer nothing that college aged Men want. You only offer more of the same. We want what is most advantageous to us and that is not women having rights.

I'd call you a facilitator of our enemies. That's just my opinion, no need to throw your polite phrases at me and your english 'reasonableness'.

As for Men being savages... Yes that would be fine with me. I would like Men to do as they wish rather then obeying the law (which is made for women, not Men). The fact that you're repelled at the thought of violent Men shows that... maybe you're... a bit of a fag? The 'respectable' Limey often comes off that way :) .

Anonymous said...

masculist man is great and he stuck it to chris key in the mens rights forum, and at least someone is standing up for real men for a change. mikee should never have been banned from there hes no more extreme than the feminazis,they dont turn on each other so mra shouldnt turn on mikee.

Anonymous said...

more feminist propaganda from shebitch steele:

Was Mass Murderer Marc Lepine Gay?

Anonymous said...

Feminism is gaining no Ground in Eastern Europe or the Former Soviet Union. Where Feminist principles were part of the State Policy. Instead Women and Men are reverting to more traditional Gender roles. Eastern Europe has become a venue of choice for Many Western Men eager for a Traditional Wife who is Family oriented.

Rejected by people who lived under its Stalinist Boot. Feminism is responsible for the deaths of 50 million US Children, and One billion babies worldwide. Its chief accomplishment is Mass Murder.

Everywhere in the West where it has taken hold, the education system is being dumbed down. Boys are being drugged into Zombies by the Millions. Which is helping to manufacture Suicidal Serial killers.

Millions of decent Men have been removed from their homes. And there is a War on Low income Fathers. Marriage is dying in the West. And only Moslems are having children in Western Europe. Austria now has a Moslem majority population. It has been conquered by Islam.

Europe is in fact becoming Eurabia.
Spain will eventually return to the Moslems AnDalusia will be restored.

Men for Men said...

In Africa the Islams are now blowing up UN buildings. Their feminist hate message isn't welcome. It's a shame the Al Queda attack in NYC hit the wrong building.

Charles Huang said...

I am a filmmaker. My passion is to tell people’s stories and give them a voice. It was difficult for me to decide if I wanted to expose myself and be publicly known as a alleged sex offender; going against my family and friend’s advice, I decided that going public was the right thing to do. I need to do this, because it is only way to expose this injustice and mistreatment towards men in our justice system. I was arrested solely based on accusation without any other evidence, other than a single eye witness who is her friend. My hope is whatever the outcome, people become more aware of this issue. I am determined to make my case by showing other men who have had a similar experience and how their lives have changed, and give them a voice from a men’s and accused's perspective.

I wanted to share my journey towards clearing my name, and every step of it: from a obtaining a lawyer, how my day-to-day life has been affected, to the final court hearing. I want anyone else who is wrongfully accused to not be ashamed and to speak up, and to address this issue.

My first goal for this film are to expose the injustice to men who are charged with this crime from the first-hand perspective. Secondly, I want society to accept that there are indeed innocently-accused men, and bring to light how their lives have changed and how society can help them with a change of attitude.

You can track the status of this film and court case here:

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a woman...I would prefer that a man would be the breadwinner, the protector, the one who guides us with guidance from God. A truthful man who can stand up when needed and patiently wait upon the Lord as he feels directed. My friend was cheated on by his wife and then when he was very sick and had bleeding ulcers she confessed to him what she had done, he slapped her across the face, he wanted to know if she could feel anything at all...he was drunk...never be in this condition or you will have no defense like him...he was then accused of raping his own supposedly telling her to suck his....and they both know that she would do this to anyone she was mildly intrigued with...but she used it the first time she cheated on him when she came home to their apt with another guys come all over her breath (2 months into the relationship)and stated to him she was forced to do it at..... knifepoint...some 20 years later he compared her to some great actress....real tears coming down and everything to protect herself from being found out what a whore she was...I'll never understand this type of woman...she took all their money, left him with a life sentence....basically took his good name from those easy never know what their up to!