Friday, November 2, 2007

She Heil

Something else from from Cuntlips:

IMBRA Was Just the Beginning!

The time has come to end the predatory use of the Internet to perpetuate violence against women!

The time has come for women of all races, faiths and nationalities to join together as one!

We are smarter.

We are focused.

We have the power.

And we are seizing control.

IMBRA was just the beginning.

The time has come.

The future is ours.

Support your sisters!

Defeat the Cretins!

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This is from a feminist site and they are not shy about what their goals are and how they're going to accomplish those goals as the word "seized" was used. These are their words for what they have in mind for men and that is feminist slavery of men and she doesn't hide it either. I've had detractors in the past deride me what do they say now AT THIS TIME. She said it herself,THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING and she and her sisters are not going to play nice. If you're not scared as hell you should be and if you're not mad as hell you should be but you should be if you're an American man because your rights are being infringed upon by lesbians and other manhaters who want to curtail you of your rights. I've said it before and it bears repeating as cuntlips post proves and that is:



Luke Skywalker said...

This is a comment I left her on her blog. It was a really good one, so I'm going to write it here, too, just in case she deletes it:

Robin the Cunt,

These rich guys must be the dumbest guys in the world if they would even bother with a nasty fembitch like you.

I'm not going to sugarcoat anything: what rich guys who have half a brain are starting to do now is not even bothering with the whole "dating scene" or with marriage, and instead they will live in the Philippines where they will have young, beautiful, feminine, demure, exotic South Seas Island girls waiting on them hand and foot and treating them like kings, and they will have great weather 12 months a year and warmth and beautiful beaches and everything else like that.

Or, they could go on adventures to Siberia or Antarctica and have an awesome time there among the steppes (which are insanely beautiful), or the endless ice sheets (also insanely beautiful), and the ice caves which are really out of this world, and could have wondrous adventures unlike any other.

Or they could do both.

Anyway, the last thing a guy needs is a naggy, bitchy woman like you.

And we are informing more and more men about their options to live life away from naggy, bitchy women such as you, and about the opportunity to live great lives free of naggy, bitchy fembots. And more and more of them are listening to us, so you can expect your pool of sugardaddys (if that in itself isn't a lie in the first place, which it likely is) to dry up real soon, Cuntlips.

Feminist Scum said...

She'll never get anywhere with that attitude in the real world. If she mouthed off like that to men in the street, she'd get a real good slapping sooner or later. Bitches like her always get what's coming to her.

General Kurt said...


That's a word you have to learn. Just because someone says something or threatens to do something doesn't mean to say they will.

The fantasist assumes that something massive and un-policeable (such as the internet) can be monopolised under full control, hence this idiot who you write about in this post. It won't happen. It won't happen because they don't have the power, never will have the power and don't even possess enough braincells to use it even if they did have the power.

MM, you're spending far too much time offering way too much of your own energy giving these idiots your attention. Because that is what they feed upon: your willingness to give them their much-needed validation. Why else do you think they write about us so much if they assume they have much more important things to write about?

Give them a wide berth and concentrate your efforts in giving your attention where it really matters.

Outcast Superstar said...

It looks like Robin Steele deleted her blog. It look like she was unable to take the heat.

Masculist Man said...


I was thinking of the old saying: we band together or we hang separately.

Masculist Man said...

It looks like Robin Steele deleted her blog. It look like she was unable to take the heat.

It's still around.

Robin Steele said...

Outcast: Robin Steele deleted her blog. Brilliant observation. Quite the Superstar, you are.

Masculess Man:
The saying is "We must all hang together or we'll surely hang alone."
Did you guys even go to school, or did Uncle Dad homeschool you out by the still?

Anonymous said...

MM why don't you and some of your buddies join the state police agencies of your countries [not the domestic ones, the state ones, or anything higher]. If you get the job you will beable to help your fellow men and block attacks upon men. You will also make a good salary. Another one of the things state police agencies do in most countries is bust the local police agencies for corruption. You could help stop some of the percecution of men this way.

Outcast Superstar said...

You are right it is still up but when I checked on the Link to Robin's blog yesterday I got a message Google was unable to display the blog.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that interacting with the female psychotics is a waste of time, it's useful to point out their hateful, irrational behavior, so that decent people can see what they're really all about. This is a typical example of what's feeding off of the maggoty pork of the Violence Against Women Act.

Stop subsidizing hate, America.

Robin Steele said...

I have offered up this prayer for bloggers Mikeeusa, Bob Allen, Masculist Man, and of you whose hearts have filled with hate, and whom Satan has filled with feelings of impotence, hopelessness, pain and rage, that they may open their fortress of despair and be saved by the Prince of Peace, from whom all blessings flow. Peace be with you. Robin Steele

Anonymous said...

I just pray that feminists get everything they deserve.

Fidelbogen said...

Ignore the critter. As General Kurt has stated, it feeds on attention.

Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve said...

Actually Robin, the quote is this:

"We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."
-Ben Franklin

Stephen said...

Men, just keep on fighting. Feminists are ignorant and paranoid. Men are physically and emotionally stronger than women by nature and we are going to win this war. They got a 40 year jump start on us but now they better WATCH OUT! One sign of feminist weakness and guilt is the fact that when you go to an MRA blog you can post a response and their is no problem. But if you go to a feminist blog they have a moderator who deletes anti-feminist responses. That's because feminists fear the truth and all forms of criticism. There's no way they can stand. They're also paranoid and have to check up on men because they know that their feminist foundation is crumbling. At a large number of men trash women and with good reason. But notice all the women who flock to that site and attempt to persuade the men to "make nice" by speaking drivel such as "not all women are this way." Too late. Women have had 40 years to "make nice" and now it's time to pay the piper. Why aren't these "peacemakers" getting on the feminists sites and asking them to play fair? Check out my blog at: It will give you a few tips on how to fight those vicious feminazis.

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