Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boys don't matter

The most controversial topic in the news right now is the Penn State child abuse scandal and everyone is up in arms,from the students protesting openly to those that issue anonymous death threats. Do the boys matter? I certainly hope they do but they only matter when accused is a man. Male victims certainly don't matter when the perpetrator is a woman aka Mary Kay Letourneau or Debra Lavebe. Even worse is that the female rapists can turn it back on the victim and claim "rape" when the true male victim threatens to go to the police. Imagine going through the hell of being a male rape victim only to have your rapist say that you raped her and now you are in a prison cell. Imagine going through the hell of being raped then ending up in a prison cell where you can be raped further all with society's blessings. Also feminist propaganda makes boys and men expendable. Feminist propaganda also paints boys as terrorists that terrorize little girls and that they need to be drugged to be compliant. This society basically treats boys like guinea pigs to be experimented on with new drugs. In other words,boys are expendable.


HGH said...

One day, when you want me
a day when you need me
I'll be there my love you do not mind
I'll be more my love do not be afraid.

Bob said...

Yep. If a man had been caught fucking a girl in 2002, he would have been attacked immediately and would be in prison until 2040 if he lives that long. Since a boy was being abused, or 20 boys, it was swept under the carpet until the boys grew up and started filing charges. Nobody cares about boys.