Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chivalry:nature vs nuture

I've heard the argument that men are hard-wired to be chivalrous toward women thus protecting them but I wondering if that is all bunk. If being chivalrous is hard-wired such as breathing is then why do MRA's exist? If the preceding is fact it would be impossible to be an MRA because men would not be able to resist being chivalrous anymore than they can resist breathing. Also take into consideration it is women who condition the young boy to grow up to embrace chivalry,often through repeated reinforcement. When the young boy cannot or will not acquiesces to their demands then they shame him to make him comply and it is through their shaming that they reinforce chivalry. The conclusion we come to is that chivalry is a form of subservience rather than a form of power. We may look at the man guarding the woman (white knighting) and conclude that since he is physically stronger he has the power. What very few people do is realize that the woman in question may have used manipulation (reward/shame) tap his "protect women" programming that was propagated to him when he was a child. So let's take a look at it again: the man is guarding the woman and some will say he has the power. Others will say she goaded a stranger to fight her battles for her and she has the power. Who really has the power: the overt or the covert? Let me put it this way: Who has the most chance of getting injured or kill?  Who has the best chance of walking away without a scratch? That should tell you who has the  power.


Anonymous said...

ha, man I like your blog. yes that is good question. the idea I dont understand about men fighting, is why do they fight like two stupid idiots instead of sharing the female. if all males shared their women, men would take their place back as leaders in western societies.

but, no.. men have to fight to protect her. she does it with the threatening guy, only that she hides it and manipulates her boyfriend.

Mandala said...

I have NEVER needed a man to get myself out of a dangerous situation. I am a 6 foot tall woman and any person, man or woman, who threatens me should deal with ME. One boyfriend insisted on inflaming a situation at a nightclub and it was terrible. Worst night of my life, totally ruined a good time. If I had been left to deal with it, as I wanted to (and have done numerous times in the past) I certainly would have defused the situation. I think you are an extremely short sighted and self involved individual, but I wish you good luck in your ridiculous endeavours. Mainly because I feel safe in the knowledge you will never succeed in them.

Anonymous said...

Feminists actually find chivalry really offensive, fyi.

Masculist Man said...

In the past men used to pull their punches when dealing with women but that is no longer the case. You sound like you benefited from this arrangement but now that it is ceasing you are getting mad. If you were to take on a man who is also 6 foot you may not prevail. We are catching on to your bullshit and the time of feminism is coming to an end.

Masculist Man said...

No,they don't have a problem with chivalry. The chivalrous side of men has benefited women in the following areas: pro-female sexual harassment laws,female-only criminal defenses (take the Mary Winkler case for instance),female favoring affirmative action,women being exempt from signing up for selective service,women getting less time for the same crime than men get,women being spared the death penalty,women being exempt from combat duty.

Fyi,women,feminists have no problem with the aforementioned chivalry.

You've just been owned by Masculist Man.