Friday, November 4, 2011

Victory in Canada

A Canadian MRA,Earl Silverstein,took on the human rights commissions they have in Canada and achieved a momentary victory. I'll let Earl explain the rest:

For those of you sitting with baited breath as to the outcome of my
Queens Bench date on Monday-----I played the game by their rules and I
won. When you know the rules you can play the game and win; that is all
it is, is a game. I love chess!!
Not all the rules are written, it is those rules that are most important.

The opposition lawyers (there were two senior lawyers) were standing
there with the mouths open and their arguments stuck in their throats.

The fun is just beginning; next date is Dec 21 all day; but I think I
can shorten it to 1 hour; want to watch the fun?

I would appreciate your support but it will be a day of entertainment
Live for nothing; die for something

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Way to go,Earl. I hope you prevail on Dec. 21. Canada is extra misandric so any victory accomplished there is a major victory.

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