Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ex security officer keeps abreast of situation

Man on trial over breast slicing

Zoe Hancock | November 9th, 2011

A FORMER Gold Coast security guard is on trial for allegedly slicing open his girlfriend's breasts to try to remove the implants that he partially funded.

Darryelle Arthur Dixon, 44, is charged with unlawful wounding and unlawful disfigurement of his former girlfriend Nicole Earthrowl.

The exotic dancer met Dixon in the 1990s and Southport District Court heard they had a history of violence.

Crown prosecutor Isaac Munsie told the court about an incident in March 2003 in which Dixon had cut Ms Earthrowl's hair off because he had paid for her hair extensions and believed he had a right to recover them.

Mr Munsie said the incident Dixon was on trial for happened in September 2004.

He said Ms Earthrowl and Dixon were not living together but she was staying at his house at the time.

"She came home at 11pm from work and he was drunk and wanted to have sex with her," Mr Munsie said.

"He accused her of sleeping with other people and the argument escalated throughout the night."

Mr Munsie said the arguing continued the next morning when Dixon allegedly cut Ms Earthrowl's clothes and told her he did not want her to go to work.

"She saw a small knife in his hand and thought he was going to cut her hair," he said.

Dixon allegedly stabbed her left breast and said: "You can't dance without boobs."

She told him he "had the wrong breast" and he allegedly stabbed her right breast and dragged the knife through her right nipple.

Dixon allegedly went outside and told a tradesman working nearby that his girlfriend had cut her breasts.

Ms Earthrowl later required plastic surgery.

The trial continues.

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The feminists who supported Lorena Bobbitt,Aerial Machias and Katherine Kieu Becker will viciously attack this guy,watch. Meanwhile let's come with some jokes about this story:

Gold Coast-a cut above the rest.

Keeping abreast on the Gold Coast.

Let's come up with some more. Feminists demanded equality and now one Austrailan man has given them that. Let's see how they like it for a change.

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