Friday, November 18, 2011

Feminist plans for men

Any questions?


Dulantha said...

Stupid men are going to play the fool while Wicked feminists are enjoying.

Anonymous said...

I assume that was staged, the man who played the part is a pathetic mangina.

Masculist Man said...

That's just the thing: it may not be staged.

maleman said...

I would love to see more Masculist ART like this, that portrays what happens everyday in our world: Women hurting MEN!

Awareness is the first step.

Thanks for the video.

maleman said...

I would love to see more Masculist Art that exploits the true Evils against men!

I've always thought of creating paintings of beautiful, strong men being attacked by society in general.

Awareness is the first step!!

Tarnished said...

I spent nearly $30,000 (still paying for that) for legal counsel fighting an extreme feminist just to see my children. You don’t spend that much time and money on doing something without learning a few things. That’s why I just started my blog “The Rains Never Came Down”. It’s going to give advice on how protect men’s right.

Thanks for fighting the good fight.