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The U.S. Senate race in California

From one of my followers:

I've been vetting the Republicans running for U.S. Senate from California. They are Orly Taitz,Elizebeth Emken,Robert Lauten,Dan Hughes,Dirk Allen Konopik,Rogelio T. Gloria and Al Ramirez.

The following was emailed to each of them:

I am a men's rights activist or MRA and I advocate for men's issues and concerns. I was just at your website and I was wondering where you stand on issues that effect men. For instance:

1. When men and women are arrested for the same crime the man receives a harsher sentence than the woman or if she has teamed up with a man she can play the victim and testify against him even though they are equals. Not only that but when the death penalty is on the table women are spared the death penalty while men are not. Also women's prisons are much nicer than men's prisons. Does this sound fair to you? It doesn't to us.

2. Only men are required to sign up for selective service while women are exempt. So men are the only ones who may have to die to get benefits that women get without any obligations. Does this sound fair to you? It doesn't to us.

3. In the military the fitness requirements are lower for women than for men. Also women have it easier at the men's expense. Does this sound fair to you? It doesn't to us.

4. When it comes to anti-male laws such as VAWA only men are arrested and prosecuted while female batterers go free,also male victims are ignored. Does this sound fair to you? It doesn't to us.

The following is a list of men's rights websites:

Thank you for your time concerning this matter.


Men's Rights Activist,Registered Voter
and Concerned Citizen

My correspondence with Orly Taitz:

I agree with you that we do not have equality. I believe in full equality. The only area, where I would make an exception, is excluding from the military draft (if it ever happens) women with young children. Aside from that one area I believe in full equality. I wonder, what answers did you get from other candidates?

I then responded with: I've read stories about how women in the military got pregnant to get out of combat or other hazardous duty then when they are out of jeopardy they have an abortion. I also said the fathers can take care of the child(ren) while the mother is deployed.

I did not hear about women deliberately geting pregnant to get out of combat and then having an abortion, I will need to look into this. at any rate I believe in equality of rights. I am an attorney and I know that often men are not treated fairly by the family courts, this should not be happening

I thanked her for her input about the family courts.

you should get in touch with the talk show host Rick Baker, he advertises on the web site for my foundation from what I recall he is active on the father's rights issues i should have his info on that, but in some 100,000 e-mails it will be hard for me to find

To email Orly Taitz:
Orly Taitz's website: click here

Next up is Dirk Allen Konopik:

Thank you for contacting our U.S. Senate campaign. I am in agreement pertaining to your concern that all American citizens, whether men and women, should receive equitable legal treatment when crimes are committed. As for the differing military physical requirements between men and women, it is due to naturally inherent physiological differences. Regarding the selective service, war is a terrible event that sometimes must occur. While I would wish for none to have to fight wars, the reality is, as long as there are individuals who desire power, there must be those in America that will defend our liberties from aggressors.

As to why men are mandated to sign up for the selective service and women are not is due to a plethora of issues. Yet, the practice is grounded in the fact that every standing military in the history of the world has been made up predominantly of men, due to the greater physiological capability to carry out soldiering duties such as marching long distances while carrying a great amount of weight.

That being said, I hope I have addressed your questions to a degree that is acceptable to you. I appreciate your desire to stand for the equitable treatment of the different genders. Should you have any additional questions, comments, and/or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. God bless you and yours.

Very Respectfully,

Dirk Allen Konopik
Christian, Veteran, American
2012 Republican U.S. Senate Candidate for CA
Direct Line: 909-293-9225

email address:

Next is Al Ramirez:

I can see your points on items 1 and 4. As a US Senator we can make sure the judges we approve for appointing to federal benches get this message. Thanks for the question.
email address:
website: click here

Elizebeth Emken,Dan Hughes,Robert Lauten and Rogelio T. Gloria did not respond. If these four are going to take the men's rights movement in the light of ridicule then they are indeed getting some very bad advice.

Indeed they are bro and it may come back to bite them in the ass. The MRM is growing and for politicians to ignore it is political suicide. Perhaps these four will find that out. Thanks for taking the time to vet your candidates.

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