Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dan Matthews needs more help

I am both honored and thrilled that you have chosen to help us in our effort to restore true representation here in Washington's 2nd District by contributing towards our goal!

With only two days left before ballots are mailed out to voters, we are less than $3,000 from our goal.

I want to be perfectly clear: your generous contributions are helping our campaign reach the all-important undecided voters. These ads are making a critical impact on this race as we continue to share our message in the few remaining weeks before election day.

But we can still use your help.

Please consider donating $50, $100, $200 or anything up to the $2,500 maximum and help us finish out this fundraising drive strong.

Also, help get your friends and family involved this election by forwarding this email to them!

And please remember that every bit helps. Thank you for your support.

Dan Matthews

To contribute click here

Men,this is your candidate. Support him if you want him to support you. We got a miandrist,Anthony Wiener,thrown out now it's time to get a MRM sympathizer in there. If you want a better country,a more male friendly country then you better turn out on November 6, unless you are a early or absentee voter,and make better choices. This is our time,don't let it pass.

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