Friday, October 26, 2012

The Official Men's Rights Blog Presidential Endorsement

With Ron Paul officially out of the race we are endorsing Mitt Romney for President. The disaster of the Obama Administration with its misandric stance among other things and they are numerous but here we will deal with the misandry of this administration. To list the misandric sins of this administration where do I start? Dear Colleague Letter that destroys college and university men's rights and it eliminates the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard with the lower "preponderence of evidence" standard to secure more convictions of men. Or the fact that Obama stonewalled us when we wanted a Whitehouse Boys to Men Commission just like the women's commission that his administration had created. Obama is definitely no friend of men so let's give Romney a chance. I believe he may be more supportive of our views. It beats the status quo so vote Romney.

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