Monday, October 29, 2012

Free David Bedoya VAWA victim

Imagine this: you think you've met the woman of your dreams but in reality you've met and married the banshee from hell. A woman you thought was truthful to you and loyal to you is a lying bigamist. Worse yet she throws you to the wolves aka the U.S. injustice system on a VAWA charge to get you incarcerated. Imagine that. Meet David Bedoya,he doesn't imagine it he LIVES it everyday he's been incarcerated. There are thousands of David Bedoyas out there, incarcerated men,incarcerated men who are only guilty of picking the wrong woman. Instead of giving them counseling as free men the government incarcerates them. Apparently to our government and society a foreign woman who has connived the system,which is a criminal act is more valuable than an honest man who contributed to the system. Since this is VAWA related the best plan is to get in contact with our elected officials,both houses,here and let them know about how men are victimized by VAWA. Also get in contact with the John Boehner,Speaker Of the House,Eric Cantor,House Majority Leader and Mitch McConnell,Senate Republican Leader and let them know as well. I've heard that Senator Chuck Grassley,Senator Jerry Moran,Senator Rand Paul and Senator Mike Johanns may be sympathetic to the men's rights movement so it would probably be a good idea to let them know as well. We let these people know that there are human male victims of VAWA and their situation has to be remedied and the female criminals who put them there need to be brought to justice.

Someone suggested emailing Mitt Romney as well so here is his email address: Let's do this.

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David Bedoya said...

Thanks so much Masculist Man.

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David's Story:

David Bedoya #534607
Rayburn Correctional Center
27268 Louisiana Highway 21 Angie, LA 70426

My name is David Bedoya. I am a thirty (30) year-old man who is currently serving a thirty (30) year sentence for two felonies i.e., forcible rape and second-degree kidnapping - heinous crimes that I am appalled by, crimes that I could not and would not commit. The supposed victim of these crimes is none other than my legal wife, a woman who, till this day, is still legally married to me, and who is still using my name for convenience. The reason she fabricated these horrible charges was for the sole purpose of obtaining her "green card" and abolishing the "order of deportation" that Immigration had placed against her. During the process of my case, I never had the evidence to prove my claims were in fact true. Two months after my sentence became final, I finally received the papers proving what I have been saying the whole time. That is not all though. I still have the original video tape of the date she claims I raped her, which clearly shows that I did not rape her, but that she was in fact very willing. I also have the surveillance video from Wal-Mart from that same day that shows her walking freely with me through the store and not being forced or kidnapped as she claims.

My so-called wife is a woman who is guilty of bigamy, falsification of documents, and many counts of perjury, which establishes the scenario leading to the charades that produced this conviction. I have documents to prove everything I am claiming and have just explained. I was accused by a criminal.