Saturday, October 6, 2012

You paid for it,maintained it but you may not be the legal owner

From Demand Progress:

You've Been Owned: Tell Obama To Stop Siding With Copyright Trolls

We need your help: Once again, the film studios and record companies that tried to censor the Internet are up to no good. The same business lobbyists who backed SOPA are trying to stop you from reselling most of the things that you own -- and President Obama has taken their side.

Arguments before the Supreme Court take place later this month: Please add your name at right to tell Obama to stand with consumers and Internet users.

A few months ago Demand Progress -- joined by over 100,000 Internet users and a coalition of public interest groups -- asked President Obama to take action and protect consumers' rights to resell their own things. The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case (Kirstaeng v. Wiley) that will decide whether you have the right to sell your iPod, books, and other goods on eBay and Craigslist -- or even at your own yard sale.

But the entertainment industry lobbyists at the MPAA and RIAA have filed a brief in the Supreme Court mocking consumers' concerns -- just like they did during the SOPA Fight. These special interests admit that they want the Supreme Court to decide against the interests of ordinary Americans and protect the music and film industries' "ability to control entry into distinct markets."

You heard that right -- Hollywood thinks that controlling their CD and DVD markets is more important than consumer rights.

Amazingly, the Obama administration agrees and has rejected the pleas of thousands of ordinary consumers: The White House's solicitor general filed a legal brief rejecting our arguments and allowing big businesses to sue people for reselling their things online.

To sign the petition:click here

Obama is going out of his way to insure he is,like Bush Sr.,a one term president. Whenever the people favor something these two shoot it down. Now they do so at their own expense.

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