Monday, October 8, 2012

Just like a toilet backing up femitheist is back

Remember Femitheist aka Krista Heflin? If not then reread or either read for the first time about this wrenched beast. It looks like this thing is back from the depths of hell to make our existence hell:

Hear her own words on the subject of slaughtering men.

She also mentions that her's is the radical fringe not associated with so-called "moderates". What we are seeing is a two-pronged attack. With prong A we have Krista and her bunch openly advocating anti-male gendercide except for 10% of the population. This is what Mary Daly believed in too. Prong B is going to be even more treacherous. Either way watch your back.

The New Era of Feminism Reboot: Femitheist Global Initiative.

Special thanks to Kim and KR for giving me a few necessary connections!

I want to make it clear that this movement is not about hurting anyone. My reason for continuing this project comes entirely from my desire to help all people. I do not hate men, nor do I hate anyone. I find the nature of men to be unfortunate, and I pity them and sympathize with their misfortune, but in the end, my actions and this movement ARE necessary.

The end will justify the means. I am sorry that it has to be this way, but it does, and there is no way of getting around it. We cannot overcome the Great Distinction of Gender, and we never will. Men commit the majority of violent crime, and they have created the majority of all of the wars throughout history.

So, I have chosen to align myself with the least offensive and dangerous side: Womyn.

This video is a brief introduction to myself, the future plans of the Femitheist movement, the New Era of Feminism and the Femitheist Global Initiative.

I still believe that the best way to combat our adversaries is to be fully transparent so as to forcefully forge disbelief. And, in the end, and because I have believed in these things so faithfully all along, others will come to know that I was right, and our opponents will have no way of resisting the Undeniable Truth, because they knew what was coming the entire time.

This was a purpose given to me, and I cannot deny my destiny.

The world has to be reformed, and we have a long way to go, but we will achieve our goals and dreams, and we will be left with a New World, a better world, and a world that is Truly Equal, Truly Peaceful, and Truly Prosperous. The True Eutopia.

This video was requested numerous times, and many people have speculated that I must be a man pretending to be a woman. As much as I enjoy watching people speculate, it's time to repay the favor to all those who made videos for me, or wrote articles, or posted comments, et cetera. I will be producing a series of videos after this which will include a detailing of the future of the Femitheist movement, as well as response videos to a few people.

Do not expect my response videos to be too swift, as I am very busy most days. I will do the best I can with the time that I have!

On a final note, forgive me for the mild background noise in the video, I did not notice it while recording, and I will make sure to avoid it in future videos.

Thank you all very much for watching and reading!


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Five Semi-Unknown Female Heroines Posted by Krista Heflin at 1:06:00 PM

These are merely five of the many semi-unknown female heroine of the past few years. I listed them in the order in which I admired their courage and actions - meaning, that they are from greatest to least. But, that is not to say that I don’t admire them all. I respect all of these womyn for their courage, strength, resolve, and willingness to do what is just.

. . . #1 – (1997)
In 1997, Sandra Crockett had her mentally handicapped son, who was 21 at the time, castrated in order to curb his sexual impulses and aggression. She feared that he would be taken away from her because of this, and she did not want him to be placed in a mental institution. Likewise, she said that he had been feeling some pain in his testicles. This one was originally number three on my list, but I loved this womyn’s story so much, that I moved it up to number one. I greatly admire her, and I think she is a loving, kind hero. She did what she thought was best for her son, and it benefitted them both in the end. I believe that more womyn should, in terms of the practicality of the modern world, follow her example.

#2 – Anjana Maity (2009)
In 2009, forty-two year old Anjana Maity castrated her 13 year old son and then beheaded him. Interestingly enough, this act of release against the boy was committed after the womyn’s husband, Ranjit Maity, left their family. He had had an affair, and he had threatened to set her and her son on fire if they did not leave him alone. The child was clearly suffering, as was she, and this should be considered an act of mercy on her behalf. So, regardless of whether she was arrested or not, she did the right thing.

#3 – Catherine Kieu Becker (2011)
In 2011, forty-eight year old Catherine Kieu Becker cut off her husband’s penis with a ten-inch kitchen knife. No act such as this is committed if the other party is undeserving. And, given that her husband was a man, who had attempted to abandon her, I would say that he did, indeed, deserve it. Mrs. Becker is a hero for seeking retribution for the misery she had been caused by her husband. Regardless of whether or not she was arrested, she is a champion, and I admire her courage.

#4 – Joyce Maxine Gregory (2012)
In 2012, thirty-five year old Joyce Maxine Gregory fought back against her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, after he went on a rampage through their home. During the struggle that followed afterwards, she grabbed his testicles, causing the scrotum to split open. And, while he may have recovered afterwards, meaning she didn’t quite finish the job, I still admire her for her bravery. It takes a lot to stand up against someone who is physically larger than you, especially when they have lost control of their senses. I salute her.

#5 – Chalie Simon (2009)
In 2009, nineteen year old Chalie Simon grabbed her boyfriend by the testicles and squeezed hard as he attempted to forcefully push her from his residence. Her actions came from his neglect for her feelings, and his neglect of providing the simple attention that she asked him for. It was justified, and regardless of whether or not she was arrested, I salute her for standing up against someone who mistreated her for loving them.

________________________________ That is my list for now - five of the greatest, semi-unknown female heroines of the past few years and or decades. I salute them all, I admire them all, and I hope that I, too, can be as brave when standing up against those who wish to do me harm.


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Do you harm? You psychotic cunt you advocate castrating young boys and then you ask someone not to hurt you? Bitch,if you got too close to me I would break your neck,fatally. I have the right to protect myself too.

I shall skip the formalities and trivial nonsense here and move right to the point.

. . . I have returned for good. And, I challenge you all to attempt to stop me again.

. . . I took a hiatus, and now I am going to reboot the movement from the ground up. Most of my followers have returned (although some do not believe it is actually me, which is fine).

Some beyond my reach do not even believe I ever existed, and yet proof of my existence forced me to abandon the net for a while. Nevertheless, I have overcome those obstacles, and I no longer fear them, nor do I care. I will act now, as they say, with reckless abandon.

We can all remember my appearances on camera, my voice in my videos, the interactions I had with people over the phone and in real life, and we will know that I have always been and always will be. I will no longer work to justify myself, or to deny allegations, I will work only to further the cause.

Take from that what you will, and apply it as you wish. I care not.

Here you can see details of times long ago:

. . . Let us move beyond that little bit of fun.

. . . As my prior Blog hit 200,000+ views, I grew tired of it, and so I scrapped it. It was cluttered with articles which presented an evolving and adapting worldview - not one which was internally consistent and absolute.

I have now achieved that, and so I have returned, born anew, ideologically sound and prepared for war.

Armed with a Weapon of Words, backed by an idea whose time has come.

Let no one forget what we have done here, and what we stand for. This Blog has already taken off in views, and yet many still believe me to be dead. Read the posts above, read this Blog, and know that I am very much alive.

I have fought the hardships that you all threatened me with, and I know now that I can overcome anything any of you throw my way.

In one weeks time, I will begin more consistently posting new articles and spreading my Sphere of Influence. You all shall see a great increase in the number of those who supprot my movement and my cause. A cause which will one day belong to us all.

And, because I have believed in it all along, with the utmost truth in my heart, so shall you all too believe in it someday soon.

Be ready for the New Era of Feminism - Femitheism - The New World.

There will be no stopping us.


I have returned for good. And, I challenge you all to attempt to stop me again.

You're on.

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For her other crap:click here


Anonymous said...

If a single person agrees with her they are both guilty of felony conspiracy.
Where's the cyber-crime task force when you need them?
Where's the SPLC on this?
Silence,because misandry is empowering.

Anonymous said...

Clearly mentally unbalanced... But then, all feminists are to one degree or another... Fortunately, many young women are realizing this for themselves and rejecting all of the non-sense.

Seeing 18 year olds that lament that they cannot have what their grandmother's had, says more about the inherent nature of women, than all of the hatred women like this write, than anything else.

Anonymous said...

She is a troll. It has to be. Who would come up with International Castration Day and take it seriously?
If someone was serious about it, they would be more subtle at least.

Anonymous said...

"She is a troll. It has to be."
- like the author of "Mein Kampf"???
- oh yeah: what a troll . . . his phantasies about whipeing out all jews: who could have taken that seriously!

no, seriously: there are many trolls out there, but that should not make us think, that hatespeech like that, because its so bizarre, must be trolling, too... its dangerous logic. to hitlers times, the radical nonsense of the internet wasnt known, just its predecessing nonsense... still people underestimated his agenda and hatred. lets not fall into this trap.
just as its a fact that there are many trolls, its a fact, that there are dangerous psychopaths out there, with a sick desire to hurt people, sometimes whole groups, races, genders; with such determination, that they would hurt themselves if necessary, to get their sick phantasies fullfilled!

Anonymous said...

Krista is a shill, a cloaked MRA. She's casting an exaggerated dark shadow on radical feminism (making them look bad since they now own 'Crazy Krista'.) I suspect that Krista is on the side of men, poking deeply in the ribs, misandric feminism (and the mainstream people indoctrinated by them.) She's harmless to everyone but misandrists.

Anonymous said...

Really? Go to a party and have a conversation about equality. Ask the woman your talking to 'do you think all men should be jailed?' if they say would that be such a bad thing or something like that ask 'if jailing all men caused a huge depression and mass starvation what would you do?' a lot of women say starve the men.

I've been having this conversation for years. I just heard of Krista two days ago. There is a massive underlying hatred of men in north america

Anonymous said...

I can not understand why Krista wants to use a knife or scalpel to castrate those young men. Suerely using the instrument called a Burdizzo and used by farmers to castrate bulls would be a faster and a bloodless method of castration. A friend of mine once witnessed Church Elders using a Burdizzo to castrate a young twentythree year old farmer who was a member of their church and was showing gay tendences. He was a big strapping lad but once they had him subdued and stipped of his jeans and briefs it took only a minute to successfully castrate him. If one had special stocks erected in the designated public castration centres it would be a simple task to force the naked young men into the restraining stocks and castrate them using a Burdizzo. The only time they would suffer any intense pain would be the few seconds when the jaws of the Burdizzo crushed their spermatic cords. I believe that the largest Burdizzo on sale, the No. 19, costs only a hundred dollars.

Masculist Man said...

You are the reason this blog exists. Your misandric cavalier attitude is why this blog exists and what we need to do to combat it. What your friend witnessed is a criminal act and those that participated need to do a long time in prison. Did your friend go to the authorities?

Anonymous said...

To Masculist Man
The act of castrating a young man using a Burdizzo requires very little expertize. If the young man is fully grown then he must be restrained properly. Once he is stripped his head and hands should secured in a stock like frame. It is important that an assistant pull down and backwards as far as possible the testicle to be done. The assistant should with thumb and fore finger then force his spermatic cord tightly into a corner of his bag. This will allow the castrator to position the thick spermatic cord correctly in between the jaws of the Burdizzo. About an inch and a half above the testicle is the correct place to position the Burdizzo. It is important to position the spermatic cord in the outer corner of the jaws of the Burdizzo so as to leave practially no mark on his scrotum. If the young man is strong sexually it will take considerable effort to close the Burdizzo. If you hear a crunching sound then you have successfully crushed the cord. If not quickly close the burdizzzo a second time on him. Repeat the procedure on his other stone. He may scream as he is being castrated but it is all for to save his soul for Jesus.

Pat Vet said...

To Masculist Man
I note that the poster did not mention any anaesthetic being administered to the unfortunate young man. If church elders deem a young man be castrated using a Burdizzo then a local anaesthetic should be used. It is a simple task to inject it in equal portion into each side of his perineum(sheath between his thighs)one inch forward from his anus. At least six mimutes should be allowed elapse in order the drug to take effect fully. It is a good idea to use a full size Burdizzo as a fully grown young man can have very strong spermatic cords.

Masculist Man said...

Pat Vet and anonymous,

You truly are sick individuals. Hey Pat Vet I believe we should castrate you. I deem it worthy and since you believe that other people should make decisions for others than themselves then you have to restrain yourself while I do it to you. Sound good? Then we'll get to anonymous.

Masculist Man said...

Remember boys, I'm saving your souls.)-)

Pat Vet said...

To Masculist Man
Even the Popes who govern the Catholic church were big into castrating of young men. In fact I read where young seminarians in one modern religious order were castrated before they were ordained. I don't no if the were done with a Burdizzo or not. That is one good way of keeping them celibate. As a lady veterinary surgeon I would not dream of castrating a young man but my young brother who is also a vet would have no qualms in using a Burdizzo on a young man, especially if he could charge a hefty fee.

Masculist Man said...

What did Popes do to keep women in line? If your brother does that to a young man I hope that young man and his friends get a hold of your brother and return the favor. Has your brother ever castrated a human male against his will?

Pat Vet said...

To Mascuilist Man
When he was a vet. student a couple of years ago, on various occasions he assisted a young veterinary surgeon to castrate a number of young men in their early twenties for a religious sect. He was sworn to secrecy and would only give me a outline of what happened. They were all castrated with a Burdizzo and without using any drugs. The castration was part of a religious ceremony held in the sects Bible Hall. His part was to pull down a young mans stone so that the young vet could position the young mans spermatic cord correctly in the jaws of the Burdizzo. The young man was usually pulled face downwards on to a table by four men each holding an leg or an arm. He said
the task of castrating the young man was no big deal as the young vet was a big strong guy and had the young man castrated in less then a minute.

Masculist Man said...

That is fucking sick. What did these religious orders do to women? Answer that question.

Pat Vet said...

These are sects run by men. Usually in the bible belt country, farm country. What the hell if a few guys lose their balls any way. These things happen.

Masculist Man said...

So what if a few women lose their breasts. So what if a few women get their clitorises cut off and their pussies superglued shut, not like I give a shit either.

Miss Gertrude said...

National Castration Day will be a great event for us ladies. I hope it happens soon. No doubt the media will announce the location where the young male celebrities will be done. Even tho I am quite old I would travel to watch some one like the young irish superstar golfer Rory ??? (my memory is not so sharp) being done. I would have a front row seat at any cost. What a thrill it would be to see him stripped naked ready to be castrated. I wonder will the testicles be offered for sale?. Maybe I could have them reserved for me to purchase. I suppose large testicles belonging to someone like him would be very expensive. How ever it would be worth it. It would be the high point of my dinner party to have them sliced, grilled and served on cocktail sticks to my lady guests. How wonderful.

Masculist Man said...

Fuck you you old bag. Let me tell you something you dried up senile old cunt: nobody loves you. In fact everyone hates you and we all wish you would just commit suicide and get it over with. The only ones who can stand you are your 49 cats and they are getting tired of you too. Just accept the fact that your children,along with the rest of the world hate your ass and just wish you would permanently disappear.

Miss Gertrude said...

You are not nice. I maybe old but I am entitled to the odd thrill. I know that NCD will never happen in my life time but what harm is there in an old lady enjoying a fantasy. I like golf and once went with my sister to see Rory McIlroy play. I was real close to him several times. He is quite handsome. With his every movement one could see his muscules rippling under his tight clothing. I do know it is immodest for a lady to look but one could not but be unaware of the quite large bulge in the front of his light grey colored jeans. One could positively see quite clearly the outline of a large, very thick male organ. In a discussion that night about him my sister and I agreed that if Rory was a beast and when slaughtered what a magnificent amount of really prime meat one would derive from his carcase. Two wonderful huge hams from those big buttocks, without a hint of fat. the rest of him, two sides of really prime lean meat. Not to mention the beautiful black pudding mix one could make from his fresh blood and fat. All one would have to do is wash out some of his guts and fill each lenght with pudding mix, then steam cook them. Delicious.

Masculist Man said...

I'm not nice. You come here advocating violence against men and when I stand up to you. That's right it's "when" not "if". When I stood up to you you protest. So misandric violence is a turn on to you? Misandric violence gets you off from what you wrote. Not only that you are into cannibalism from what you also wrote. Odd thrill? What if men get an "odd thrill" raping,killing and cannibalizing women? Do you support them or are a you a hypocrite and fault them?

Miss Gertrude said...

Not all men are bad. We have a lovely young man who does our gardening for us. He c.22-23 years of age. He is 6'-1" with lovely long shoulder length hair tied in a pony tail. Really handsome too. We do not have many people coming round these days, so we really enjoy his visits. During the hot weather he wears nothing but rather skimpy shorts when doing the gardening. My sister and I really enjoy watching him. Recently when we had him in for tea he seemed rather chuffed when we praised him for having such a wonderful physique. My sister and I having never married and living a rather sheltered life know very little about the men. We actually told him so, he found it all quite amusing. We were really thrilled when he asked if we would like to see him without his shorts. We had never been this close to a naked man before, and to such a magnificent specimen. He was so well endowed. We found it amusing how his penis jerked upwards every few seconds. But it was his wonderful body that we admired the most. The magnificent penis and huge testicles. Indeed when I checked his spermatic cords I found had he had never been castrated. He was an entire stallion. When I ran my hands over those huge buttocks they felt so firm. My sister and I came to the conclusion that young men like him should be bred specially for their meat. Indeed we agreed that our young friend should be kept for breeding purposes.

Masculist Man said...

Does he know what you wrote? Does he know you have castration fantasies? If he found out the sex show is over and it'll be over for your sister too especially if she harbors these same sick thoughts you do. If she doesn't you will have victimized her as well. Castration fantasies are probably what made men avoid you and I don't blame them.

Miss Gertrude said...

I do really think you are a young guy in your twenties who is afraid that dear Krista, and of her preposition that laws be introduced that would make it mandatory that least 90% of all males be castrated. At least I am not in favour of castrating you young guys with a knife or scalpel. Very messy. It was only when I handled that young mans testicles and spermatic cords that I realized how quickly and efficently he could be castrated using a Burdizzo. My sister was truly amazed at how much of his rod remained sheathed between his thighs. She is of the opinion that if a simple incision was made at the root of his rod next to his anus, and another incision made where his foreskin is attached to his exposed rod it would be a simple task to pull free his entire rod. She estimated that his bared rod would measure at least sixteen inches from the tip of his knob to his anus. A taxidermist would work wonders with it. Stuffed in a pernament state of erection and mounted it would be the talking point among my lady friends. Deary me. P.S That is if our cat did not have it for his tea. The dear thing.

Masculist Man said...

Why go after young men? Why not get rid of worthless hags like yourself. You don't make any worthy contributions to society. Neither does you sister. The faster we are rid of old hags like you two the better.

Gertrude said...

To-day my sister and I had a visit from our local pastor, John Canon Smith. We treated him very well as we do all our guests. My sister treated him to a selection of our home made wines. He began to rave about Jesus and Jesus's mother. We told him we believed Jesus was gay and his mother a prostituite. He began to curse us and said he would arrange that we would be burnt at the stake. My sister Agatha told him to shove his stake up a place where the sun does not shine. I was so proud of her. Even tho I was annoyed with her for giving him so much of our home made wine. As a special treat we showed him our vast collectio of pictures of naked young men which we had gleaned from the web. He began to foam at the mouth and began cursing us again. My dear sister set our dog on him and the dog tore the arse out of his trousers. But the best bit I have left for last. The assinine clergyman crashed his car on his way home, it was wrecked but unfortunely he walked from the wreck with only a few scratches. The police, good people that they are breathelyized him and he was found to be five times over the limit. Was that not really wonderful. The copious amounts of our home made wine that he drank was not wasted after all. May Satam be praised.

Masculist Man said...

I've reached the conclusion that it is better to stop this bullshit right now. I'm not going to post comments by attention seeking whores promoting castration.You seem to think you are funny. Well laugh at this one,princess. If I get on more of your anonymous comments promoting castration I will turn the comment over to our mastectomy and clitorectomy squad where we use you IP address to find you. These guys are dedicated to their job and they are through professionals. You will find that out. On the other hand if you post castration comments under you real name, real residential address and real name and address of your employer then I will be more than happy to publish it.

Masculist Man said...

Also include a genuine photograph of yourself and I will publish it along with your comment. If you use someone else's photo not only will we be able to find out,we always do no exceptions,we will notify the person who's photograph you are using and they will help determine your fate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady, Why don't you write to Rory Mcilroy and ask him if he would sell you a charge of semen from those big rocks of his. It would cost a small fortune but think of the unique cocktails his juice would make. A Rory Special.