Monday, December 31, 2012

Brian Banks talks about his ordeal

We covered the plight of Brian Banks now we are glad we were able to assist in getting Banks' story out there. Thanks to Jay Leno for having Brian Banks on his show that goes to show what a stand up guy Leno is. Good luck to Brian and his future with the NFL may it be bright. To CNN and the Today Show,thanks for giving Brian Banks a chance to tell his side. Thanks to Project Innocence for assisting Brian Banks. This is what activism can accomplish,don't let anyone tell you different.

To his false accuser and her family: may they get there's and may they get it royally. Karma will repay them especially little miss liar. May she get a prison term and may it be the same Brian would have received if he were found guilty. So that means she would not be going anywhere for 41 years. May those who enriched their wallets yet impoverished their souls at Brian's expense may they also receive what is their just dessert.

Brian Banks on CNN:


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