Friday, December 14, 2012

U of T anti-male bigots gain new ally

Michael Laxer

As with so many liberal, seemingly "free speech" oriented statements, it gives equivalency to both sides as if this were a "debate". By doing so, the statement, in fact, legitimizes the Men's Rights Movement, in the same way that the American media legitimizes creationists by giving them air time.

-Michael Laxer

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In the ongoing battle between us MRA's vs. U of T feminists there is someone else who threw his hat into the ring,Canadian socialist Michael Laxer. Laxer is siding with the feminists. He doesn't hide the fact that he hates the MRM,in fact his quote at the top should be very telling where he stands and what he represents is a PC Dark Ages. Read his ominous quote at the top and you'll see the mindset Laxer has. According to Laxer the MRM is an illegitimate movement that needs to be CENSORED. Let that sink in: HE FAVORS CENSORSHIP OF THE MEN'S RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Whatever does not conform to the biases of Michael Laxer doesn't exist or shouldn't be allowed to exist. Yes,Michael,it is a debate not a mandate because I will never accept your judgement,in fact I will resist with every ounce of strength I have. With you and those like you feminism is the absolute good and we are the absolute evil and nothing will change your mind so I'm not going to bother. I want everyone to read your quote and get an insight to the mind of socialist statist. I want them to see that the last thing socialism favors is freedom. Freedom does far better with me than feminist socialism ever will. I guess it only natural that an anti-male bigot such as Michael Laxer has no problem siding with the anti-male bigots at U of T. After all birds of a feature flock together. These aren't ordinary birds but the foulest,filthiest birds of all with a foul stench to go with it.

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