Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NOW controls the FCC

I've often heard the term "lace curtain" but I haven't seen how far it goes until now or should I say NOW,that whacked out organization that does every evil anti-male thing under the sun. From cheerleading misandric husband killers to female multiple baby murderers they know how to champion evil. It appears that NOW has taken another step in its war on men,seizure of communication and since the FCC controls communication (the old media really) it would make sense to control the FCC and that is what NOW appears to be doing. They often have the FCC present their list of demands to Congress and have Congress enact laws that nobody but a small group of ugly women want. NOW has been doing this over the years so chances are it may a portion (maybe large portion,maybe not) of the Lace Curtain everyman is force to face.

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