Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let's tell CBS to rebroadcast "Men Don't Tell"

Feminist censorship

On March 14, 1993, CBS aired "Men Don't Tell", a TV movie about domestic violence in the home. After its initial broadcast, CBS came under pressure to never show the movie again, or allow for its release on VHS. Nor has any other movie of its type ever been made again.

WHY? The movie had a twist to it. Based on a true story, the main character, construction executive Ed MacAffrey, was being abused by his wife, Laura.

Starring Peter Strauss and Judith Light, the movie was the first of its kind to ever be made addressing the problems and issues of 40% of domestic violence victims, who happen to be male.

March is the 20th anniversary of the original broadcast. Join the effort to get CBS to rebroadcast the movie, and bring together the still surviving members of the original cast and the director, Harry Winer, for interviews of the making of the only movie ever made addressing the problems of male victims of domestic violence.

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Let's break the feminist stranglehold on the old media and send in emails in support of rebroadcasting "Men Don't Tell". If the genders were reversed the feminists would demand this be broadcasted everynight but since it shines a light on something they don't like,that they abuse men too they don't want it shown. Too fucking bad,I don't care what they want they can go fuck themselves. I want this movie to be rebroadcasted and released on video and I don't want some fucked up bitches deciding what I can or cannot watch. That may have gone down when I was a child but now that I'm a grown man I'll make my own decisions and if someone has a problem with that fuck them. There is a lot email to write but I'm up for it,I'll do it. Are you on board?

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