Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tell the Canadian government to stop financing feminist groups

Stop state funding to feminism and all female only programs.

Target: Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper and Conservative Members of Parliament Sponsored by: Mike Brentnall

In short, a tax-payer funded unequal advantage for females has been developed without knowing or fully understanding the men and boys to whom feminists allegedly seek social and legal equality with.

All previous funding to feminist groups and women's concerns based on biased, incomplete study and data. Equal comparative examination of men's and boys' concerns totally disregarded.

Governement funded feminism is poisoning the social/sexual fabric of Canada. Those who disagree with the many common erroneous feminist ideals can often be dismissed or marginalized from their employment. Men and boys often receive undeserved public and legal humiliation and hatred.

BILLIONS of tax payer funding for female only social programs, employment initiatives, health concerns, etc. etc. etc. totally contradicts the equality that feminists and supporters allegedly seek. Previous to feminism an enormity of any government sponsored programs designed for men only barely, if ever, existed at all.

To sign the petition click here

Let's help our brothers north of the border by signing this petition. Canadian men this petition is for you. It will let the Harper administration know about the misandry Canadian men face. Let them know that your voice will be heard.

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