Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My take on the University of Toranto MRA situation

I was watching one of the videos on A Voice For Men where John The Other is talking with one of the protesters and that protester said We were going all Merriam Webster on him. Sounds like to me he said to throw the dictionary out the window. Fine. Let's do that. When they were calling AVFM personnel "rape apologists" they must have meant "these are great people fighting for a legitimate cause". I mean if there is no definitions they mean the same thing? Right? When you get down to it "male feminist" could easily mean "child rapist". Is there a difference? No dictionary,no difference. A lot of the protesters also wore disguises. Why? To instigate violence? Perhaps. That is how they operate through intimidation and violence. At the original protest one man who was trying to makes sense of his friends' suicide by listening to Warren Farrell is instead labeled a "rapist scumbag" by some twobit whore whose personality is so acerbic that it could dissolve petrified wood. She's the type of woman that could make a man make a commitment-to remain a bachelor. Also at Farrell's event a male protester is a stoned out asshole. If you're going to take 17 bonghits and still act like you have a stick up your ass then you are a fucked up asshole to the bone,especially if you are going to serve evil and feminism is evil. Then there is big red: ultra obnoxious feminist cunt. This is the type that could turn an unbias man into a misogynist. She's also the type to have a lot of cats,no dates and has vibrator repair on speed dial.

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