Monday, April 22, 2013

More on Cathy Brennan

I just wrote a response to some feminazi calling me a racist on Cathy Brennan's site and it didn't show up. No waiting for approval nothing. Perhaps this is the intolerance that got Brennan and her ilk in trouble in the first place. I thought it was very chickenshit for her to ban me. She goes on about how women are oppressed yet she acts as an oppressor herself. People pick up on this hypocrisy and they don't like it that is why they shun Brennan and those like her. If she and those like her have a hard time grasping that concept then perhaps the cancellation of their event should serve as a wake up call.

If you've never seen the Agent Orange Files then take a look. It is a very informative read. Read about how Brennan vowed to persecute those that would stand up to her. Read about how she acts like a nazi persecutor which is very far from the victim narrative that she likes to throw around.

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