Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taking time off

Modern western men

People are often shocked to learn that many male human rights advocates are, actually, female. And the strange thing is that, for many men, it takes a woman to explain things to them before they will listen. -Andy Man Source

All American men are are little children who war amongst themselves. -Irandes,long time MRA and current expat.

What Andy Man wrote pissed me off. The part that pissed me off is he's right. Western men are castrati. No other way to put it. They won't do anything that may displease women. They will laugh at a fellow man who is sexually mutilated by a woman and they will be white knights for the same women or someone like her. They have gone along to get along all these years they forgotten how to be men. They are bullied by political correctness and speech codes dumped on them by women. They will bow before women who abuse them and they will threaten any man who doesn't adhere to the feminist party line. They are taught to bow down to any woman,regardless of how she treats you or use self defense if she attacks you. What are girls and women taught: beat up and abuse men and if asked blame it on PMS. They will beat up other men but take all kinds of abuse from women just to avoid the "misogynist" label. All a female in a leadership position has to say is holding her accountable is "misogyny" and these steers will never question her or other women again-even though said women are leading them to the slaughterhouse. It seems like western men embrace their castrati status and will fight anyone who tries to fix their situation. I tried to reach out to other men in brotherhood only to be scorned and laughed at. Which leaves one question:

Why do I continue to do this?

What's the point?

I've got better things to do that help a bunch of ingrates who don't want the help but would rather wallow in the shit they become accustomed to. I've got better things to do than to be trying to reach out to a bunch of morons who don't give one shit about their rights but will raise holy hell if their sports team loses or the ref makes a bad call. But most of all I'm tired of wasting my time. I'm going to take a little vacation and get away from it MRA issues for awhile. I'm be here from time to time to check on comments and respond if needed but I won't be posting.


Anonymous said...

In December Chris Key closed his long standing forum Men's Rights Online.
Supposed to be brought back by Darren Blacksmith, but it hasn't yet.
I feel discouraged at times.

RealMachoMan said...

Taking time off? To do what, scratch your testicles?! You are SO adorable the way you think people give a SHIT about this blog!! I mean, yes, I'm here commenting, but I'm not a real person. I'm a woman. HAHAHAHAHAH! I laugh at my own jokes too.