Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What utter nonsense

I guess if you think there is money to be made by being an MRA then you'll be one if not fuck it. That is if being a snakeoil salesman is your game. Apparently that is the case with Marc Rudov. I guess the MRM doesn't pay the bills nor would it. I guess he misstakingly saw a market that he thought would show profit and it didn't. Marc is stubborn and thinks he knows everything. Perhaps he is a genius but not in the MRM area. If he had listen and hooked up with other organizations instead of playing the loan ranger he might have accomplished more. If he had a "we" attitude instead of "I'm great fuck you" attitude he could have accomplished great things and he would have had the backing of brother organizations but he acted like a pompus ass at times and pissed a lot of people off. He did it with me. He had the connections at Fox to accomplish a lot great things for men. The laws on the book are very misandric and if he is still in American territory he is subject to them. What if he is falsely accused? Feminists don't forget who opposed them and they are very revenge oriented. Profits are great,very American but earning 5 cents a day while in lock up is not that profitable.Women are very guilty but Marc wouldn't know that considering Marc was only chastising the men but not the women. That is very suspicious of an MRA and it made me suspicious of him. I asked myself why did Rudov have trouble building an audience for his radio show? I mean Glenn Sacks was very popular at the time. He got his listeners to loudly protest misandry and encouraged successful boycotts. He even had to turn people away but Rudov only gets two callers top. Glenn had a lot of followers. In fact they would have probably done his grocery shopping if he asked them to yet men won't even pick up a phone for Rudov. Also why would FOX broadcast an MRA? Now we are gaining traction but then we weren't. Why out of the blue? Was Marc here to merely make some money or were his motives more sinister? Was he sent in to sabotague the MRM? If it is the latter we will stand up to him if it is the former I told him there is no money in this movement,it went to the guy's ex and her lawyer. If he had heeded my advice he could have saved himself a lot of time,trouble and money. But he didn't and he wasted all three which is just total nonsense.

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Anonymous said...

Both of those guys are fucking agents. They never promoted any real solutions, all they did was whine or stage a couple of insignificant protests. Much like Paul Elam, as well.

Paul is turning the MRM movement into a politically correct hogwash by allowing so many women to go onto his site and write articles.

There's no such thing as an "antifeminist" western woman, and even some of the women who write for A Voice For Men have expressed misandric views.

Western women have no place in the MRM movement.