Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What wasn't published on the Spearhead

I wrote the following on the Spearhead but it wasn't published so I'll publish it here:

What are men doing to change their situation? Sitting in front of the TV watching sports solves nothing just like bitching on a message board does nothing. Political activism is where it's at. Political activism is what got 22 U.S. Senators to oppose VAWA. One of those who voted against VAWA used to support it (Senator Orinn Hatch R-Utah). We can either cry about our burden or do something to change it. I've seen a lot of campaigns where statists were defeated: SOPA and CISPA to name a couple. Conservative groups got Congress to investigate the IRS. There is no reason we can't do the same but we must act together. It is that simple. You critisize the white knights and manginas for being silent about female atrocities but if you are not an activist then you are no better than those you critisize. I don't want to hear "it can't be done" or "the illuminati won't allow it" that is defeatist crap. That is something your enemies will tell you so you don't oppose them. Are you going to listen to them? I'm not. It's real simple: do something about it or shut up.

Auntie Pheminizm said the same thing previously but I wasn't aware of his post when I wrote this. He is saying the same thing I am and I know political activism works. It works it you care enough to change your situation.


Anonymous said...

As someone who's searched the Internet for actual men's-rights activism for years, I hope you can point readers to some actual political campaigns -- and spread the word about the uselessness and hypocrisy of The Spearhead, AVFM, et al. Thank you.

Masculist Man said...

Your welcome. I too tire of the hypocrisy. I started this blog because I got tired of manginas/white knights calling themselves "MRA's" while being subservient to women. I know there are a lot of guys out there who are tired of the hypocrisy just as I am and want somewhere where women can't bullshit their way into power like they do everywhere else.