Saturday, November 1, 2014

Flip it

You know how women are pushing their way into the sports area and other areas that are of interest to men. Bringing the pink ribbon bullshit to the NFL,making the players wear pink. Let's flip the script: let's push our way into the soap opera area,the fashion arena and other areas that women like and push our agenda upon them. Let's make soap opera actresses wear blue to raise awareness of prostate cancer,penile cancer and testicular cancer. Only a homicidal misandrist could oppose this one.


Tegdyrb said...
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Anonymous said...

Based on your comment moderation it doesn't sound like you actually win a lot of're just too scared to enter into open minded conversations with people of differing opinions. Because you're scared you might not be able to win and you don't want your shaky hold on reality to be shattered.
I commented because I thought that just maybe you would be an intelligent person who would actually be up for an open minded debate. Maybe I was wrong on that front. As I went further through your blog I became convinced on this front, I was wrong about you. you can prove me wrong or delete all the comments you don't feel like even trying to understand. You can continue to hate "fags" the looks of things women. or you can accept that you should have rights but so should THEY. Congratulations on being a sis-gender man.

The fashion industry and soap operas are largely run by men, though appreciated by women. The people in charge are largely men. However, this is actually a good idea.

I had hopes for this blog but was sadly disappointed.
Good day Sir,

A true masculist.

Masculist Man said...

Actually I win a lot of debates. I have moderation on because I grew tiresome of "you're gay" or "you can't get laid" insults. Sure they were funny at first but then they got boring so I started moderating the comments. I welcome debates I don't run away. If you have something intelligent to say I'll publish it. Like I said I'm not afraid.

You use the term "cis" which sounds like you've been drinking some of the leftist kool aid. Like I said if you post something intelligent I will publish it.

Masculist Man said...

Teddy,what errors would those be?

As far as feminism goes I hate to burst your bubble but you give me no choice:feminst quotes feminist quotes 2

Tegdyrb said...
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Anonymous said...

That was my long way of saying:
If you believe in the equality of the sexes you are a feminist (that doesn't stop you being a mascuist).
If you believe that women are better than men; you are a misandrist.
If you believe that men are better than women; you are a misogynist.
by definition.

Masculist Man said...

If you believe in the equality of the sexes you are a feminist

Wrong. This blog demonstrates that.

Masculist Man said...

Teg,ease up on the PR bullshit. No one here buys into it. Feminism has been around for a long time,starting with the suffragettes which introduced institutional misandry upon the world.

Anonymous said...

oh yes because the achievements of the feminist movement are so terrible.
Women can VOTE now. They aren't the PROPERTY of men. Marital rape ISN'T legal. Women can purchase birth control!
How could they impinge on men's rights in this way? They stopped men from having the right to own them and they're trying to stop men from having the right to touching them without consent. They want to be viewed as people too?
The feminists have gone too far!

Masculist Man said...

Women have come up with logsided laws that make men shell out money even afer divorce. Alimony is a good example. Feminists have no problem denying men custody that is why they oppose shared parenting laws. They pushed misandric laws that unjustly punish men. Now they are trying to throw men out of college.