Monday, November 3, 2014

Some things to consider when you go to vote

Today on Fox News castratix herself,Joni Ernst,became upset when Democrat Senator Tom Harkins made a remark about her appearance. This is the same cunt who made the video about castrating pigs and making a big joke about it but if someone says anything about her she falls apart. If this coward doesn't have the uterus to run Iowa than she has no business in the Senate. If this wimpish ovary less excuse for a woman falls apart then she is just wasting our time.

The Democrats have their backs to wall on Obamacare and they are especially vulnerable so now is the time to back the GOP or any party other than the Democrats. The Democrats are staunchly anti-male so voting GOP would be better. Better yet write the Republican candidates in your race and ask them if they support pro-male positions. The GOP may be negotiable especially with the civil libertarian crowd. The Democrats are a dead end on men's issues so don't even bother.

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