Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tell Taylor Swift to ease up on the misandry

From SAVE Services:

Taylor Swift is not just a celebrity, but one who actively takes on the responsibility of role model for young adults.

Which is why it's shocking that in her latest music video, she's shown handling a breakup by punching her boyfriend and destroying his property. See the 'Blank Space' video. While teenagers are going to have breakups, we don't want them thinking that this is anything close to acceptable behavior.

Taylor Swift shouldn't abuse her spotlight by showcasing abuse. Her video is a sharp departure from her usual positive messages, which actually why, out of all celebrities, it is the most damaging to our efforts to see someone like Swift condone it. Domestic violence is real, and in some respects worse for males when they often have difficulty being taken seriously by the criminal justice system.

Please join us with calling on Taylor Swift to remove the "Blank Space" music video and donate the profits made to an organization that stops domestic violence for all victims.

Tell Big Machine Records, Swift's record company, to pull the video:

Additionally, please take a second to sign our petition, which is already at over 300 signatures.

Don't let Taylor Swift shake off her endorsement of domestic violence.

Truly yours,

Gina Lauterio, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

PS. Please help us grow our efforts. And share this e-lert with a friend.

A good example of a letter to send is on the Change website. It is well written and if can't come up with something on your own it is a good letter to use instead.

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