Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The American caste system

We live in a society that treats men who may have committed simple things such as fondling a woman's bottom or bosom the same as murder. Or perhaps we put this into a category worse than murder because we accept male-on-male violence in our films and society. We certainly put up with female-on-male violence. This blog will confirm that. We live in a society that puts fondling a woman in a more grave category, lower down on the wrung, lower in status than a man who savagely, sadistically slashes another man to death. I've read about how men who are falsely accused of sex crimes tell about how they had to be segregated from the general public for their own safety. That because it is a sexually based offense they were in danger of losing life and limb, jailhouse vigilante style. While this method is understandable in dealing with guilty as sin child molesters it is a little extreme in dealing with "he said/she said" cases. If someone who is falsely accused is in general population and an individual or group that has a problem with falsely accused person can use this to their advantage, which could lead to extortion. However this same individual were accused of car theft, shoplifting, commercial burglary, drug dealing, murder and arson no one would care. You can tell these same individuals that as a car thief he is taking from a family their only means of transportation and that is not okay. Tell them as a shoplifter he is taking food out of the mouths of the owners and employees a mom and pop store. Tell them that his commercial burglaries are making companies pay higher insurance premiums. See if anyone cares. But if it is something sexual then it's clank clank goes the shining armor. The American puritanical society.

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