Saturday, March 26, 2016

Attention gay men: stay out of our movement

Unlike A Voice For Men that opens you with open arms and open asscheeks we don't want you. You have your rainbow mafia that pushes itself on everyone else and you've sided with feminists. For those reasons fuck off. You made you bed now lie in it. You practiced misandry toward your hetero brethren and now the feminists have turned against you. Too fucking bad. Maybe a voice for men puts up with faggots like you but the Men's Rights Blog never will. You're not dragging this movement down. I will see to that. Roosh is right and I agree with him. We don't want you nor do we need you.

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maleman said...

As a GAY MASCULIST, I beg to differ. I would argue my case, but you simply have to read MY BLOG to get the gist of it.

I LOVE MEN, and support them ALL as a whole group.