Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chivalry is dead

That's right. Dead as a door nail. All there is now is equality. Nothing else. Your representatives,feminists,have made the decision for you and we recognize that they represent all women. You will be judged the same way a man would be and you should pay the same price a man has to when you fuck up. You are unworthy of any special attention and you are unworthy of any special rights. You are not special you never have been. Shooting a baby out of your cunt does not make you special. If you claim you are special because of it then I will say I'm special because I can shoot sperm out of my dick. You do not deserve special treatment at work nor do you need special treatment in being held accountable. That is equality. True equality not the cherry picking bullshit that the castrati let you get away but genuine equality. Welcome to it.

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