Thursday, March 31, 2016

Get off it,Meg

One of the controversial topics right now is that altercation between Trump's campaign manager,Corey Lewandowski,and a Breitbart reporter,Michelle Fields,who ran past the Secret Service even though she wasn't supposed to just to get to Trump and reach out and touch him.Lewandowski was just doing his job,watching out for his candidate. Fields claims that Lewandowski assaulted her and she almost fell down,that she was close to falling down. Now a video has surfaced that shows Fields was not close to falling down and that she may have lied about it. From the looks of the video that may the case. There were no signs that Lewandowski hurt Fields or is even guilty of assaulting her. That is not good enough for Megyn Kelly. According to Kelly Lewandowski is guilty and should have the book thrown at him. Kelly along with Katie Pavlich,Dana Loesch and Mark Theissen somehow think that Fields was a victim and that Trump is a bad man. Just one thing: white knight Sean Hannity and former federal jurist Andrew Napolitano also looked at that video and said the prosecution doesn't have a case and the prosecutor is a friend of Hillary's. If that is the case then this is politically motivated. So is Kelly's crusade against Trump. I can trust Napolitano's decision because he weighs the evidence the way a jurist should. Kelly on the other hand is leading a bias persecution team against Trump. Theissen incorrectly said that Trump is on a revenge mission against Megyn Kelly. I would say it is the other way around. Kelly is the one with a grudge and her anti-Trump crusade proves it.

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