Saturday, March 10, 2012

Boycott Maine products

If you haven't watched this video you are invited to do so. It is very shocking and has some troubling signs when half of humanity has their rights basically raped from them so that feminists don't have to suffer some imagined fear. Governor Tim LaPage has said that he came from an abusive enviroment and now he's getting even with daddy by painting all men with that broadbrush with "a lock em up and throw away the key along with their civil liberties and Constitutional rights" mentality. If misandry is going to be the official policy of the State of Maine then perhaps we should boycatt all Maine products and spread the word about the boycott.


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Anonymous said...

The Neo Marxist-Feminist Republic of Maine is openly handing police and judicial control over to radical feminist groups to assess imprisonment of men withiout any trial or bail or any due process. Follow the link in the article to the actual bill outlining the new standards and the unconstitutional power shift to the Maine DV industry: