Friday, March 9, 2012

War on women?

One of the things we have heard these last few days is this so-called "war on women". This "war on women" is the biggest joke to ever come out of the mainstream media or should I say the lamestream media. All this "war on women" is about (or any other "war on women" for that matter) is to garner female votes for Barrack Obama. The "war on women" is a phony war while the "war on men" is very real,as regular readers of this blog will attest to. Rush should have never apologized considering he was in the right to say what he did when he called a spade a spade. Each side is pandering to women and the best way to see it is to look beyond Hannity because when is Hannity NOT pandering to women. Where is this phony "war on women" going? Who knows but we all know how the very real war on men is going.

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