Sunday, March 11, 2012

SLPC declares war on the MRM

The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled various men's rights sites as "hate sites". Among these organizations that were labeled "misogynistic" were Markymark's Thoughts,SAVE services and the False Rape Society. I'm sure regular readers of this blog already know that the 3 preceeding blogs are far from "misogynist" yet they are labeled "hate sites". Ironically, a radical feminist website,Radfem Hub also picked up the story as well. Having the Radfem Hub call anyone a "bigot" is like the Nation of Islam calling the Ku Klux Klan "racist". They just look like hypocrites. Apparently the SLPC and radical feminists are on the same page because they are spared the "hate" label yet they are a legitimate hate group. I guess the SLPC has no problem allying itself with radical feminists. Who is the leader of the SPLC? There are two leaders of this group. One is Morris Dees. Dees is truly one depraved individual which makes me think the SLPC is one big shakedown and scam operation. They're turning up the heat and we'll turn it up too. We're not backing down in fact we'll stand toe to toe with them. They're not going to win,I won't let them. We won't let them. Let's do it. Also check out Ken Silverstein's article concerning Morris Dees:click here.

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