Friday, March 9, 2012

Defeat the McCain bill

From Demand Progress:

Privacy Nightmare: McCain Bill Could Have Military Monitor The Internet
The message still hasn't sunk in. Congress is proposing yet another law to monitor your activities on the Internet -- Here's the ACLU's take on John McCain's new cybersecurity bill:

"This is a privacy nightmare that will eventually result in the military substantially monitoring the domestic, civilian Internet."

Will you fight back against McCain's legislation by adding your name at right?

As Reuters notes, the "types of information that could be shared are broad, and the data would go to 'cybersecurity centers' that specifically include the National Security Agency's Threat Operations Center and the U.S. Cyber Command Joint Operations Center."

We have a key opportunity to help steer this debate away from McCain's inanity and towards a more reasonable alternative.

Just sign up at right to email your lawmakers in opposition to McCain's bill.
Here's some more background from Reuters.

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If you think that another internet snooping bill is bullshit then sign the petition. Congress seems to be on a quest to see who can get away with trampling our freedoms and now McCain is taking a shot. Does McCain know what it's like to be Sopa'd? Let's show him how it feels. Sign the petition today.

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