Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ISP's to help RIAA to censor the net

From Demand Progress:

They're selling us out. Just weeks after Internet users from across the globe came together to to beat SOPA, the major ISPs are cutting a deal with Big Content to restrict web access for users who are accused of piracy.

It'll do much of the dirty work we were able to prevent when we took down SOPA, this time by restricting certain Americans' access to the WHOLE Internet.

The details are fuzzy, but the head of the Recording Industry Association of America's bragged this week that ISPs will start policing copyright by July of this year.

Will you click here to sign our open letter to the ISPs? Demand that they respect their customers and back down now.

Here's RT's take on the proposal:

"Some of the biggest Internet service providers in America plan to adopt policies that will punish customers for copyright infringement, and one of the top trade groups in the music biz announced this week that it could begin as soon as this summer....

"RIAA CEO Cary Sherman was one of the guest speakers among a New York panel this week and he confirmed that, at this rate, some of the most powerful Internet providers in America should have their new policies on the books by July 12, 2012."

The ISPs are poised to start treating their customers like criminals, restricting their access to the Internet.

And they're cutting us off at the knees just ast we've begun to force a new conversation about Internet freedom and copyright law.

Please sign on to our open letter demanding they back down -- just click here.


Demand Progress

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If the ISP's liquidate what their customers want then they'll lose customers thus liquidating their business. Not a very smart move but considering the RIAA will be sitting pretty if that happens or is that the RIAA's plan all along. If ISP's are stupid enough to go along with this plan they are out of business. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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