Saturday, March 10, 2012

US DOJ report shows women are more violent.

This just in: female rapists outnumber male rapists and they prey on incarcerated juviniles. They are the staff members of these lock-ups that place juviniles in greater harm. Don't believe me? fine click here to read it for yourself. When you consider:

• Approximately 95% of all youth reporting staff sexual misconduct said they had been victimized by female staff. In 2008, 42% of staff in state juvenile facilities were female.

• Thirteen facilities were identified as “high rate” based on the lower bound of the 95%-confidence interval of at least 35% higher than the average rate among facilities by type of consent. Six facilities had victimization rates of 30% or more

Source:click here

I always thought that if women were the ones doing the raping then rape would be legal. It is close to that point when a society places more value on adult women who misbehave than at-risk youth. At one time both men and women sacrificed themselves so that the children may live today men and children are slaughtered by the women at their whims,making sure the man and child(ren) are sacrificed for the woman. We are at that point now when husbands/boyfriends and children are expendable. Neither one of their lives add up to hers,at least not in the eyes of this monstosity of a matriarchy.

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