Friday, August 10, 2012

Two steps forward three steps back

That does seem to be the case. I thought everything was going great. Starting boycotts,signing petitions,sending email to elected leaders protesting misandry,getting bills amended to being more male friendly. Recently however there was this posted at avfm. In it it states that Krista,owner of the blog Femitheist Divine,which is now defuncted,committed suicide. On her blog she stated how she wanted to castrate and/or kill men and boys,using the few she didn't castrate for breeding stock and kill all the men when they outlived their usefulness. Of course all males would be imprisoned under her leadership. Yes,she would be the first fuhrurette in history. She would have made Hitler proud. I wouldn't be surprised if she masturbated while posting. She seems like that type. She viewed herself as the superior to men in a nazi type way. Now the question I want to ask you is: would you grieve over something like this? Would you shed a tear for someone who wanted to kill you in a sadistic manner? I wouldn't but apparently that is not the case at avfm . Read some of the replies,mourning her passing and what an angel she was. Well Lucifer was an angel at one time too. If you're going to mourn for a famous woman make it someone like Erin Pizzey,someone who actually did some good. Instead they mourned the passing of this feminazi. I wrote about this white knight syndrome here and it fits the narrative of this post. Everyone is afraid of looking like a "misogynist". Why? If we are "misogynists" does that mean the earth is going to go into the sun? Does it mean the earth is going to break away from the sun? Will "misogyny" cause nuclear weapons to go off on their own? No? Since the answer is "no" it seems that misogyny is overblown. Now we hear that Krista did not commit suicide. Now we hear she faked it. She also says she has a child but if she is liar then perhaps the existence of her child is a lie too. In fact Neckbeard and Matt Forney weigh in on this and they,along with yours truly,aren't exactly members of Krista Heflin mourning committee. ATTN MRA's: this is how we are being perceived and one poster mentioned that other men will reject a organization they believe is weak.

Also,if you call a white knight a white knight on Elam's board he will ban you. I know because I called the white knights on their shit and got banned for it.


Memphis Steve said...

Feminists spew the worst kind of hatred and then whine about being martyrs of a mythical "war on women." Apparently the latest form of warfare consists of claiming there is a war on you while you bomb the living shit out of someone you hate who did nothing to you. To someone with a severe personality disorder this is all justified. To sane people it's just evil.

Lucian Vâlsan said...

I have called people white knights on AVfM when they manifested white knight pussy-worshiping bullshit and I did NOT got banned for this.
I guess this makes me an exception? Or maybe the site is not administrated only by Paul Elam but by other people too who might be a bit too sensitive?

Masculist Man said...


I've communicated with Elam,he tells me he banned me for insulting others. Well,these others were a bunch of white knights weeping over a feminazi. White knights are no friends of mine and I let them know that. There was even one person who said take down Speaking of register-her the last time I checked Brian Banks' accuser wasn't on the list which means it hasn't been updated. Is this by design? I don't know. If they don't want a REAL ACTIVIST on their site then so be it. I move on.

@Memphis Steve

Feminist hypocrisy knows no bounds.The western world is so drenched in matriarchal filth and its people so conditioned to accept the minor injury of a female,which is maximized out of proportion while a major injury of a male is minimized and/or ignored or worse helded up for ridicule. Such is the case with Lorena Bobbitt and Katherine Kieu Becker. We live in such a sick society that we excuse woman-on-boy sex yet want to castrate a man for man-on-girl sex. The hypocrisy is no longer subtle it is now illuminated in neon lights.