Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pete Santilli has the right to say what he did about Hillary

Emily's List is having a shit fit when Pete Santilli said what he did about Hillary Clinton,whom as Secretary Of State has killed several men by her derelection of duty. Pete Santilli has every right to say what he did. It is his first amendment right. Hillary needs to be accountable with due process. Besides where was Emily's List when this infamous episode of The Talk was broadcasted. Which is the last video. Hillary was a woman in a powerful position that got men killed. Katerine Kieu Becker's husband harmed no one yet he was physically sexually mutilated yet what Santilli had done was use words with no actions. He didn't pick up a weapon and harm Hillary unlike what Katherine Kieu Becker did to her husband. I guess to feminists unpleasant words from a man are worse than aggrevated battery from a woman.

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