Monday, May 27, 2013

Evil men and good women

Feminists claim that men are evil. Now that I think about maybe we are evil. Maybe we are the wretched gender they say we are. Maybe women are the morally superior gender after all. I mean look at the following photos of evil men and compare them to the holiness of womanhood.

Whoa. Those guys are evil and scary. Now let's look at the holiness of women.

Andrea Yates

Jodi Arias

Lorena Bobbitt

We all know that men are warmongers and women are the peaceful gender. I mean just look at the following photos.

I guess we are an evil gender that needs fixing. Perhaps we should just turn over everything to women so they can hand us this glorious future:


Jeff Field said...

is that a nuclear blast or a wounded womb?

Masculist Man said...

Nuclear blast.