Sunday, May 12, 2013

From and about a voice for men

OneHundredPercentCotton in reply to Kimski

You are talking to the wrong person here. As a women I felt obligated to enlist and serve my country – it was my country that betrayed me, not the other way around.

I would take up arms and serve again today to spare my sons from having to.


How did your country betray you? I would have loved to respond to this comment but Paul Elam banned me. Why did he ban me? Because of this. I guess what I said was too much for Stacey Harvey uh em I mean Paul Elam.

Nightwing1029 in reply to justicehead

As someone else who is out near LA, I will only slightly agree that is the case.
They work together. However, in my dealings with Police/Sheriffs agencies, I do know that MOST of them do their best to get the job done right.

I ran this one past my California correspondant and he told me that the LA County Sheriff's are very corrupt and they plot revenge when they lose cases. He told me there are criminal gangs inside the Sheriff's department,that they are no better than the outlaw gangs.


I’m hoping that the Shivers case, and the fact that a celebrity is involved, will finally force the public to see prosecutors more clearly. When it is fully known what prosecutors were getting away with under Delgadillo, Trutanich, and Cooley, there might be some progress

I heard Gil Garcetti was a lot worse for men.

Who's running A Voice For Men? I mean the place goes through changes every few days,like a woman accesorizing her outfits and they now use the word "misogynist" that left me wondering what is up and a lot of other MRA's are wondering the same thing. It used to be a place where men could vent about women but now that there are women in charge at A Voice For Men that is now verbottten. Going after Kellett and other misandrists is great but tell us the real deal. Reister Her has not been updated,Brian Banks accuser is not on it and that was a very powerful tool against feminists. The activism is dying off. What's the real deal,avfm,what's the real deal? A lot of us would like to know.

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