Thursday, May 16, 2013

On changes

There aren't going to be any. In fact I would love to double the activism and quarter the misandry. Those are the only changes I see worth being made. Let the questions begin.

Masc,there are women who read this blog. Shouldn't you take their sensetivities into consideration?

No,they came to my board,my area I didn't go to theirs. I'm not toning a fucking thing down for anyone. The problem is that some "MRA's?" tone it down,diluting the message and the message is dismissed. I'm not going to let that happen. Too many times guys get sweet talked by women into toning down the message until it is no longer effective. Irlandes warned us of this and he is right. I've seen the problem and I don't want to be part of it.

If changes were beneficial to the movement would you make them?

Yes,I would. I think that Register Her at A Voice For Men is a great idea and I would like it to be activated and updated. It was a very powerful tool against the feminists and they feared it. If I ran A Voice for Men it would up,running and kept up to date.

Where is the movement right now?

We're at a crossroads. We've come a long way and we need to use what works. I've always found that political activism works. If you help pass laws that benefit you and help defeat those that hurt you you live a lot better. That is what the feminists did. There is no reason we can't do the same.

what's a hinderance to men?

Rugged individualism especially the individual part. We need to work as a team or we will be defeated. That is the way it is.

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